• From now on, users can edit the basic data for their own mailboxes under User Settings. This does not apply to users with Microsoft 365 mailboxes or mailboxes that are synchronized from LDAP.
  • The user interface has been improved.
  • From now on, 365 Total Protection customers can also create mailboxes directly in the Control Panel.
  • CSV files can now be imported in the Deny & Allow Lists module.
  • In the Email Encryption module, administrators can now deactivate Websafe.
  • In the Password Policy & IPs module, @ has been added as a special character.
  • In the Service Dashboard module, an administrator can now delete his own admin role, as long as another admin user is still assigned.


  • Logic for detecting mailbox types has been improved.
  • Errors in the Email Live Tracking module have been fixed.
  • Errors affecting the delivery of emails from the Email Live Tracking module and from quarantine reports have been fixed.
  • In the Email Encryption module, an error affecting the creation of rules has been fixed.
  • In the Mailboxes module, the CSV import of mailboxes has been revised.
  • In the modules Compliance Filter and Email Encryption, a character limit has been implemented.
  • In the modules Compliance Filter, Email Encryption and Deny & Allow Lists, an input validation has been implemented.
  • An error in the Advanced Threat Protection module has been fixed.
  • An error in the Spam and Malware Protection module has been fixed.
  • The quarantine reports have been revised and are now automatically updated whenever any changes are made in the Whitelabeling module.