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Security gaps in the home office? The challenge of IT security in times of crisis

The number of coronavirus infections are increasing each day, which has resulted in drastic countermeasures. Shops, restaurants and other public places are staying closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Companies are asking their employees to work from their homes. During this extraordinary and sometimes overwhelming situation, companies and employees should not have to face additional fears about IT security in the home office. Hornetsecurity has some recommendations for this.
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Why switch from Symantec Cloud Security to Hornetsecurity?

Are you a partner of Symantec who is currently selling Symantec Cloud Security? Or are you on the receiving end; the customer who is being provided Symantec Cloud Security? Have you begun considering your switch? With the recent news of the Broadcom acquisition of Symantec, it was announced that over 1 Billion + in funds will be removed from the budget that was set specifically for Symantec’s Cloud Research and Development, Marketing, and Support. This is unsettling news, as email cyber-attacks make up over 90% of all threats in today’s modern IT world.
IT-Security Blog

Hornetsecurity and api jointly launch Cloud Security for Office 365 in reseller channels

Hornetsecurity forms their next important partnership with api Computerhandels GmbH as the third distributor to further increase the penetration of the German IT retail market. The cooperation has strategic advantages for both sides: While Hornetsecurity is once again significantly increasing its presence in the German channel and at the same time gaining access to other European markets, api is expanding its portfolio of value-added services to include important security elements.
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Mysterious spam campaign: A security analysis

A recent case has not only puzzled researchers at Hornetsecurity Security Lab, but also other security analysts: In a current email spam campaign in which malicious Excel documents are delivered in zipped archives, only the Windows calculator application ultimately starts when the analysis is performed on the security experts’ computers. Our Security Lab uncovers what exactly lies behind the scam and what possible target the attackers are trying to exploit.

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