Email Cloud Security Services for Businesses

Hornetsecurity’s Email Cloud Security Services effectively protect companies’ IT infrastructure – especially email traffic – from a wide range of cyberattacks.


Your leading German Cloud Security Provider in Europe for Email

365 Total Protection Suite – Cloud Security for Office 365

365 Total Protection Business

365 Total Protection Business from Hornetsecurity provides all-round protection for Microsoft’s cloud services – developed specifically for seamless integration with Office 365.

365 Total Protection Enterprise

365 Total Protection Enterprise from Hornetsecurity enhances 365 Total Protection Business with features such as email archiving and ATP sandboxing.

365 Total Encryption

Protect your Emails within your Microsoft Office 365 Cloud with encryption, identity and authorization policies.

Email Security & Compliance – Maximum protection for your email traffic

Spam and Malware Protection

Secure your email communications and protect yourself from unwanted messages.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your business from targeted and individual email attacks such as CEO fraud, ransomware, phishing and blended attacks.

Email Encryption

The cost-effective, fully automated email encryption service protects incoming and outgoing emails against spying and falsification.

Email Productivity – Enhance and optimize your Email Management System

Email Archiving

Email Archiving without effort: Store your incoming and outgoing emails in a revision-proof and legally compliant manner in secure German computer centres.

Signature and Disclaimer

Uniform and legally compliant email signatures and disclaimers – for a professional company presentation in email communication.

Continuity Service

The stand-by system for emergencies. Activated within seconds, our service keeps your email traffic up and running in the event of a failure.

Cloud Security News

2019: The Year of Ransomware

2019: The Year of Ransomware

You cannot turn on the news without hearing about it, and you cannot show up to work without being warned about it. Ransomware has dominated the public conversation on cyber security, and hackers have spent the year exploiting companies for billions with the tactic. Email has become the number one attack vector, and ransomware has become any employees worst enemy.
Formjacking – The New Invisible Threat in Cyberspace

Formjacking – The New Invisible Threat in Cyberspace

Christmas is just around the corner and it is already certain that some people will lose their holiday spirit. When millions of people go online on a gift hunt, the trap snaps shut. We are talking about the new invisible threat on the Internet: Formjacking, also known as e-skimming. Hackers are stealing credit card and bank details from online shops with hijacked payment forms…
The hacker: made in Hollywood?

The hacker: made in Hollywood?

A hacker is smart, much smarter than the average. With just a few clicks and a few key combinations, he’s hacked into the IT systems of governments, public authorities and large corporations. He avoids the public and acts in secret – that’s how it’s portrayed in Hollywood movies. But the profile of computer geniuses is much more diverse than expected…

Hornetsecurity, the Cloud Security Specialist

Hornetsecurity – leading premium provider of email cloud security services

Hornetsecurity, the leading German cloud security provider in Europe protects the IT infrastructure, digital communication, and data of companies and organizations of all sizes. The security specialist based out of Hanover, Germany, provides its servives worldwide via 9 redundantly secured data centers. The product portfolio covers all important areas of email security; including spam and virus filters, legally compliant archiving and encryption, as well as defense against CEO fraud and ransomware.

The IT market is changing, and the cloud is omnipresent
Companies are increasingly moving IT processes and services to the cloud. With the market for cloud solutions growing rapidly with solid two-digit numbers: the future belongs to cloud security services. Make the switch to the cloud, and reap the benefits of our cloud security solutions.
Global Marketplace Presence

With around 200 employees, Hornetsecurity is represented globally at 11 locations, operating in more than 30 countries through its international distribution network. Our premium services are used by approximately 40,000 customers including Swisscom, Telefónica, KONICA MINOLTA, LVM Versicherung, DEKRA, Claas, and the Otto Group..

What our partners say about Hornetsecurity’s Email Cloud Security Services

The products from Hornetsecurity keep their promises. Our customers can switch to the solutions quickly, and they see instant positive results.

Uwe Fingerhut

Account Manager, MOD IT GmbH

Hornetsecurity is reliable, fair and straightforward to use. As a partner, you become an integral part of the company’s development.

Thomas Laborn

Managing Director, itc GmbH

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