Release of new Phishing Scenario UEFA Euro 2024

A new simulated phishing scenario has been released.
  • Free tickets to the UEFA Euro 2024 final
    • Email subject: Your free UEFA Euro 2024 seats
    • Short description: The user is informed that he has been drawn to win 2 free tickets for the UEFA Euro 2024 final.
    • Description: Users must confirm their registration within 24 hours to avoid losing their 2 free tickets for the UEFA euro 2024 final
    • Languages available: DE, AT, EN, FR, ES, IT, HU, PL, PT, RO, SK, NL, CZ

Release of New E-Training on June 17, 2024

The following new e-training has been released:

  • Reporting Emails

    • Content: Many people receive bothersome spam and phishing emails almost on a daily basis. Often it is not entirely clear how best to deal with such messages. Therefore, in this course you will learn why it is always worth reporting suspicious emails and what options are available to you for this purpose.

Security Awareness Service Release on June 05, 2024


  • An inconsistency in the phishing mail frequency between the front and backend has been fixed.
  • It is now clearly visible if users have been manually or automatically excluded.
  • To enhance its effectiveness, one phishing scenario has been updated to use informal language instead of a formal tone.
  • In the Security Awareness Service, an error that prevented the API Level Distribution from functioning correctly has been resolved.
  • An error that caused simulated phishing emails to be sent before the start date has been fixed.
  • To enhance their effectiveness, dates used in phishing scenarios have been improved (e.g. no meetings scheudled for Sundays).