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The Monthly Threat Report by Hornetsecurity brings you monthly insights into M365 security trends, email-based threats, and commentary on current events in the cybersecurity space. This edition of the Monthly Threat Report focuses on data from October.

During the episode, Andy and Eric Siron explore the rise of PDF-delivered malicious payloads, shifts in target industries, and escalating brand impersonation attempts in shipping and finance. They delve into Microsoft’s response to a recent cloud services attack and a significant vulnerability in Citrix NetScalers dubbed CitrixBleed, shedding light on the evolving threat landscape.

Join us for an insightful analysis of the latest cybersecurity developments, providing valuable insights for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.


(3:07) – What is the general state of email threats during the last month?

(6:31) – What types of files are being used to deliver malicious files?

(9:38) – What industries are being targeted the most throughout the data period?

(14:40) – What are the most impersonated brands during the last month?

(18:52) – An update on the Microsoft Storm-0558 breach

(23:01) – The CitrixBleed Vulnerability Impacting Citrix NetScaler

(30:31) – Commentary on the SEC’s charges against SolarWinds and their CISO

Episode Resources:

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Andy on LinkedIn , Twitter , Mastodon

Eric on Twitter