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In this week’s episode, Andy and Paul have a discussion that has been brewing for the past several episodes. Microsoft has experienced a series of security incidents in the last few years. For example, the SolarWinds debacle in 2020, multiple exchange server on-prem issues, and more recently the Storm-0558 incident. 

The core issue that all these problems raise, especially for a major global cloud provider, is trust. Can Microsoft be trusted to secure these services that millions around the globe use every single day? This is the main question that the guys get into in this episode along with lots of other great discussions around security in the Microsoft Cloud.  


(1:55) – There has been a recent string of security issues at Microsoft 

(6:42) – Storm-0558 

(16:38) – Follow up on the SolarWinds attack from 2020 

(20:50) – Multiple Exchange on-prem vulnerabilities over the last several years 

(22:55) – Power Platform cross-tenant un-authorized access 

(26:61) – Communication seems to be a sore spot across all these issues 

(31:21) – Trust is critical for the survival of “the cloud” 

Episode Resources:

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Paul’s recent article on Microsoft’s security issues

Results of Microsoft’s Storm-0558 Investigation

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