Viruses are not only threatening the digital world currently. After Mobile World Congress had been canceled due to Corona virus COVID-19, the eyes of the Security industry directed themselves to the 2020 “RSA Conference”. Will it even take place?
Big players like IBM, AT&T and Verizon canceled on short notice. As well as 6 out of 9 Chinese companies deciding to cancel their attendance. Even the Mayor of San Francisco declared State of Emergency.

Nevertheless, Hornetsecurity decided to take part at one of the leading IT security conferences in the world, because also the growing digital risks like malware & other threats cannot be ignored.

On the opening day, we were eager to present our email security solutions. This year, focusing on 365 Total Protection and 365 Total Encryption – which totally hit the market’s needs.

In cooperation with the IT Security Association of Germany (ITSMIG) and TeleTrusT, Hornetsecurity welcomed up to 45,000 visitors and showed them how usable security for Office 365 can be – with onboarding being achieved within 30 seconds!

In addition to that, we took the chance to visit keynotes, technical talks and many social events. Always a highlight to recommend is the emerging threats seminar: security researchers and experts share their insights and discuss up-to-date mitigations.
The FBI presented their research on ransomware – naming Ryuk the variant that made the most money of all by far and empirically proving that ransomware attacks have become more and more targeted within the last 3 years.
Business models derived from IoT devices were another focus. Among “PayTV programs” generated from channels of hacked Webcams models who concentrated on hacked routers were scary: The DNS of the router is manipulated in a way that e.g. the real URL is redirected via DNS to your Phishing site – for approx.- 250 $ a week, offered in the Brazilian underground.
Again, the show was huge and apart from the latest products and technology the vendors had a variety of attraction’s present: from the DeLorean from back to the future, Star Wars Arcade games to petting mental health service dogs at the booth.

Last year’s focus on GDPR and Security Awareness training was still a main topic, but one focus was obvious: Security for office 365 was the way to go – perfect for Hornetsecurity’s latest products.

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