The significance that cyber security has achieved worldwide became obvious once again at the 28th IT Security Conference “RSA Conference” in San Francisco. The world’s leading annual information security conference and exhibition welcomed nearly 42,500 visitors and 700 exhibitors to this year’s event, which took place from March 4 to 8, to discuss current and future security issues and concerns in times of growing global cyber threats. As an expert for email security in the cloud, Hornetsecurity took part in the RSA again this year and reports about the highlights of the ultimate marketplace for the latest technologies and comprehensive know-how in cyber security in the following article.


Particularly discussed at this year’s conference were the effects of legislation, such as the GDPR, on the cyber security industry and its impact on companies worldwide. Some speakers also focused on the topic of Security Awareness: For example, in her presentation “Folk Theories of Security & Privacy”, Professor Emilee Rader of Michigan State University explored how employees make decisions that affect corporate security and how to help them make a potentially better decision.


Many of the attending companies were particularly interested in how security will evolve in the near future in our digitalized world. In an interactive session, the audience had to choose best case and worst-case scenarios in a future of security and privacy in 2025 – the challenge was to allow companies to tailor their strategy to the most likely scenario.


Some sessions about the Top and Emerging Threats showed already known issues like Ransomware as a Service as well as new attacks, especially on the vector DNS: The service, often considered the unchangeable “telephone book” of the Internet, provides an attack channel for redirecting or modifying data streams in the event of insufficient security. Due to the International Women’s Day on March 8th, the RSA Conference focused on the topic “Women in IT” by offering special programs and a platform for multiple campaigns.

A major highlight for Hornetsecurity was the handover of the “InfoSec Award 2019” in the category Most Innovative SaaS/Cloud Security at the RSA by the Cyber Defense Magazine on March 4th. “Cybercrime is one of the greatest dangers in our technically and online driven world and is an issue that affects all of us – the threat of cyberspionage, blackmailing, and cybercrime is undeniable.
InfoSec Award 2019

This award signifies that we are on the right track to protect businesses from the increasing and evolving cyber threats. Every day we see the amount of new and sophisticated cyberattacks which shows that we always have to be one step ahead of the criminals.” Daniel Hofmann, CEO of Hornetsecurity, says.


Large and established events such as the RSA prove that we can achieve a significant change by sharing experiences. We were able to get an idea of what the future holds for us and are very happy to make a major contribution to improving security in the IT industry with our innovative technologies.” concludes CEO Oliver Dehning.

A few impressions of the RSA 2019