Small to medium-sized businesses are faced with a two-headed beast in terms of cybercrime. To understand and defeat this enemy, you must examine its two main threats to your company’s cybersecurity.

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The first part of this cybercriminal monster are the internal and external threats. Malware, phishing, DDoS attacks, and ransomware are just a few of the viruses and methods that hackers use externally to gain access to your site, software, or network. Internal data leaks stem from employees, either by intended sabotage (e.g. theft of IP by exiting employee) or accidental mistakes (e.g. an email sent to wrong recipient) that greatly open up every business to the potential of cybercrime.

Cyberattacks increase and become more and more dissipated

Both internal and external threats are more sophisticated in design than just 5 years ago, and they’re backed up by cyber criminals who simply just don’t stop. According to Gartner researchers, a survey of more than 3,000 CIOs found 95 percent of technology leaders expect cybersecurity threats to grow. In conjunction with this expectation is the fact most companies have no idea where their sensitive data is located, whether it’s secure or whether employees are mistakenly or purposefully misusing it.
The threats are real, and decision-makers know they must be dealt with, but it’s the second head of this cyber animal – the 3.5 million unfilled positions in the IT industry expected by 2021 – that causes alarm for SMBs.

IT security experts – the supply is low, the demand is high

This IT security employee shortage will leave SMBs in a tight spot, as security professionals are hard to find for any sized business and command top salary figures when available. Cybercriminals, of course, aren’t complaining. Small- to medium-sized business will face budget, HR, operations and financial issues when confronting a lack of skilled workers in the marketplace. Not being able to hire the right person with the right skills will cause culture issues with overburdened staff thinking about moving elsewhere. Projects will take longer to complete and end up being costlier in the long run.
According to Gartner researchers, only 65 percent of businesses have a cybersecurity expert on staff, and when a SMB looks to hire a security professional, the cost often exceeds their ability to reap any value from a large investment in talent. The culture fit and complex skillsets required also drive down the availability of affordable, qualified security staff for SMBs to hire.
So, if companies know the threats exist and realize the available talent pool has shrunk in size and risen in cost, why aren’t they taking a more proactive approach to tightening up their security defense right now?
There are solutions to overcome the ill effects of a smaller IT security talent pool, ones that are reliable, efficient and valuable to any SMB. Some companies have embraced the idea of creating “new collar” jobs in cybersecurity. These roles prioritize skills, knowledge and willingness to learn over degrees and the career fields they once worked in.
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The triumph of cloud security

And there are those businesses who have adopted cloud-based solutions. These cloud-based security solutions have grown in use and they’ve become known for extremely reliable service. According to a recent survey by Forrester, more than 50 percent of businesses will be adopting applications, platforms and services enabled by cloud-based technologies by the end of 2018. Half of IT spending will be cloud-based by the end of 2018, reaching up to 60 percent of entire IT infrastructure and 60-70 percent of all applications, technology, and services spending by 2020.
Cloud security has provided an affordable blanket of solutions that every SMB can adopt and rely on to relieve HR issues, financial concerns and operational constraints. Cloud-based security providers rely on their ability to quickly detect, contain, and mitigate any type attack.
As the threat landscape evolves, SaaS security providers continue to add new features into their platforms to address the latest concerns.Many cloud services contain native security controls that help companies improve their security posture by adding security controls not met in traditional environments and eliminating redundant controls, expensive appliances and burdensome overlap in traditional solutions.

What Hornetsecurity solutions offer you

For the past 11 years, one such cloud-based leader in security solutions has been Hornetsecurity. Its full suite of award-winning security solutions provides peace of mind for its 35,000-plus customers by delivering lowered administrative costs and 24/7 support. Hornetsecurity’s Advanced Threat Protection and Spam Filter Services are reliable, efficient and exemplify German engineered quality that SMB customers demand in protecting their data and email.
With Hornetsecurity working for your SMB, suddenly many of those internal and external threats are muted, your budget isn’t feeling the pinch, and the meager talent pool of IT security staffers is an afterthought. You’re not focusing administrative time on your security or budget, but on delivering positive business results.
Most importantly, cloud security today is simply better security, and it’s the best way to slay that two-headed beast of cybercrime.