Advanced Threat Protection – Ransomware & Phishing Protection

Protect your company from Ransomware attacks, phishing and ceo fraud. Try it for free.


Advanced Threat Protection – Ransomware & Phishing Protection

Protect your company from Ransomware attacks, phishing and ceo fraud. Try it for free.


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Hornetsecurity is upgrading its equipment: Introducing the new ATP feature Malicious Document Decryption

The current cyber threat situation is increasingly serious: Hackers are spreading malware into business systems using encrypted email attachments. Classic anti-virus programs cannot detect the malware hidden by the encryption. Malicious Document Decryption adds another essential feature to Advanced Threat Protection:

The new feature decrypts encrypted email attachments using appropriate text modules within an email. The decrypted document then passes through an in-depth virus scan. Therefore, your mailbox remains safe even facing this advanced threat.

Protection from targeted attacks

Mostly high-ranking employees are targeted by individual attacks like spearphishing, whaling or CEO fraud. Unfortunately, those kind of attacks are almost invisible for regular filtering systems. Hornetsecurity ATP is using a whole range of detection mechanisms to prevent those types of attacks.

Protection from Ransomware

Ransomware are polymorphous viruses like Locky, Tesla or Petya that paralyse a computer or a whole network by encrypting the locally stored files. Hornetsecurity ATP exposes these hard-to-find viruses using a sandbox engine and the freezing technology, where suspicious emails are withheld for a specific period of time, until they are analyzed again with updated signatures.

Protection from blended attacks

Blended attacks combine several attacking routes. An email for example can contain a file attachment which can carry the link to a download page with malware. Hornetsecurity ATP fights these kind of attacks by using URL scanning and URL rewriting. Additionally, sandboxing and freezing is used, too.

Protection from digital espionage

According to Germany’s digital association Bitkom, more than half of all German companies have already been affected by data theft, sabotage or espionage. The Hornetsecurity spy-out forensic system detects not only familiar but also completely new malware that try to collect information. The system reacts in real-time and immediately alerts the IT security teams before sensitive data can leave the company.

Notification of attacks

The Hornetsecurity real time alerts provide notifications of acute attacks on companies and allow a quick initiation of additional internal measurements and juridical proceedings. Additionally, employees can be sensitized in order to detect further attacking routes, e.g. via telephone. In case an already delivered email is detected as potentially dangerous, the ex-post alarm can initiate an analysis of the contaminated accounts or systems.

Embedding of ATP into the Hornetsecurity mail security

Hornetsecurity ATP integrates seamlessly into the spam and virus filter. Mails that have passed this first examination will undergo further detailed analyses. Amongst others, the service opens the attached files and is closely checking its behavior.

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