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We’re back for another episode with Lia Fey, Customer Success Lead at Hornetsecurity. In today’s episode, Lia brings her wealth of experience working closely with CISOs on a daily basis to share valuable insights and strategies for effectively collaborating with them.

CISOs face a unique set of challenges as they operate in high-pressure environments and navigate the intersection of compliance requirements as well as the security needs of an organization.

Join us as we explore the multifaceted nature of working with CISOs on security awareness and discover tips and tricks for fostering effective partnerships in the ever-evolving security and compliance landscape.


3:25 – Initial Impressions and responsibilities of CISOs?

5:47 – CISOs and Interactions with the Rest of the Organization

8:47 – Responsibilities of CISOs

15:59 – What is the Most Effective Way to Communicate with CISOs

21:40 – How can we help CISOs solve difficult business challenges?

Episode Resources:

EP09: Real World Guidance on Security Awareness Service

Security Awareness Service

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Lia on LinkedIn

Senior executives oversee and manage an organization’s information security program. In larger organizations, there may also be a dedicated Compliance Officer. Based on our experience, CISOs often have a foot in the IT and security worlds, as they must navigate IT requirements, governance, legal obligations, and security measures. This presents an exciting challenge for them. However, one tool that can significantly assist in their efforts is the Security Awareness Service.

The Security Awareness Service, such as the one provided by your ultimate partner for complete security Hornetsecurity, offers a comprehensive solution to educate employees and cultivate a security-conscious culture. For more than 15 years, we have been helping organizations minimize the risks associated with cyber threats.

The Security Awareness Service we offer empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to potential security breaches by utilizing interactive training modules, simulated phishing campaigns, and engaging educational content, i.e., it will be your ultimate service to back off any potential threats to your organization if you involve your employees into a complete security of your system.