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New platform. More features. Same conditions.

As a customer or partner of Cleanport, you can now benefit from a strong and reliable provider of email security on your side – Hornetsecurity. The cloud security specialists will offer you an ideal protection with their spam and virus filter service. For you, this will not mean a lot of change. On the contrary, by switching to the Hornetsecurity spam filter service, you will have many additional features – for the same price as before.

Complies with legal standards conformity

Hornetsecurity’s services are operated geo-redundantly in ISO-certified data centers on three locations (Hanover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt). The contractual basis for this is the new Federal Data Protection Act, which is adapted to the European Data Protection Ordinance 2016/679/DS-GVO and which will become effective on 25 May 2018.

Hornetsecurity – Competent. Individual. Local.

As an internationally operating managed service provider with more than ten years of experience, we offer IT security solutions you can seamlessly integrate into your business without additional hardware, software and with minimal effort.

A strong, global thinking partner network and more than 100 competent employees constantly contribute to above-average growth.

Our success is based on our consistent growth in the last years, which has mainly been generated in Europe. Hornetsecurity has systematically targeted its activities at international markets like Asian and Latin America. There are no national borders for us as a cloud security provider.

Become a Hornetsecurity partner and benefit from our attractive, multi-level partner program. Click here for further information.

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Starting today, you can benefit from these additional features:

Multi-client management console

The management console serves as a central interface and enables you as a partner and administrator to conveniently deploy, manage and maintain all cloud security services offered by Hornetsecurity. This enables you to keep the effort to a minimum. The cloud-based management console makes it unnecessary to set up your own server.

Newsletter & Infomail Filters

Our infomail filter is focused on the recognition and filtering of newsletters or similar promotional emails. A separate treatment of such emails seems to be useful here, since not every type of newsletter is necessarily to be declared as spam. You can then decide which infomail you would like to read and get it delivered to your inbox with just one click.

Customizable quarantine report

Receive an automated spam report, where you can configure the delivery intervals individually. By this, you customize the delivery of the quarantine report to your personal workflow. Manage your emails directly from the spam report and benefit from less time spent processing quarantined email notifications. You can whitelabel the spam report individually and customize the HTML version so that it fits your corporate design. Find out in our FAQ how you can easily set up whitelabelled spamreports and other templates.

SPF and DKIM check

The Sender Policy Network (SPF) is a method to prevent the falsification of an email’s sender address (spoofing). The administrator of a domain provides a TXT record on the DNS. These records contain the IP address or host name of the servers legitimized to distribute emails.  When receiving an email, the recipient compares the information in the header with the TXT record. In case these information do not match, the email is declined. The verification of the email sender can be limited to your own domain or applied to all sender domains.


The Hornetsecurity Control Panel provides you as a partner with a platform to easily oversee the incoming and outgoing email traffic of all your customers. You can generate detailed statistics and create export files.

Antivirus engines

Next to a range of sophisticated in-house-developed engines and a modified ClamAV, Hornetsecurity trusts G DATA as their technology partner. Additionally, customers can complementarily book engines from Sophos and AVIRA. Of course, as AVIRA partner or customer you will have the AVIRA engine activated by default.

Free 24/7 support for our partners

Support for our partners has top priority – around the clock, 365 days a year. In addition to free training courses, extensive work materials such as data sheets, whitepapers, logos and presentations, our specialists from the customer relations department will support you in setting up and configuring our services. And of course we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have when selling our products.

Outlook Add-In

In the business world, Outlook has become the leading email client. It is therefore obvious that Hornetsecurity offers an add-in, which is seamlessly integrated into Outlook, for both the Spamfilter Service as well as Aeternum our email archiving solution. Using the menu bar, users can easily report spam emails, request a spam report or archive emails. The application is intuitive and easy to use even without logging into the control panel. Partners can whitelabel the Outlook add-in to adapt it to the company’s look.

TLS encryption

Next to an opportunistic TLS encryption, partners can enforce rule-based TLS for the outgoing and incoming email traffic. As a plus, Hornetsecurity offers S/MIME as well as PGP encryption.


Convenient management

You can authenticate and maintain stored users via the Hornetsecurity Control Panel or alternatively via the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) connection. The LDAP configuration can be used for logging on to the control panel, the web filter service and the spam filter service. If you need to import your blacklists and whitelists or a list of users or domains, we offer you additional support. This allows for maximum convenience in administration.

Mail relaying

Hornetsecurity can relay the outgoing email traffic on your behalf.  Your emails willl be scanned for viruses and you will be protected from so called backscatter spam.

Strong commitment and constant development is important to us – reliability is our strength

Hornetsecurity is reliable, fair and straightforward to use. As a partner, you become an integral part of the company’s development.

Thomas Laborn

Managing Director, itc GmbH

This has been an excellent and reliable partner for a number of years. We and our customers are excited!

Johannes Port


As a member of the “Cloud Security” task force set up by TeleTrust (Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e. V.), we regularly provide support on IT security related topics, taking into account legal and pan-European framework conditions. This is done in close cooperation with companies, organizations, consulting firms, lawyers, scientific and official institutions.

Furthermore, we are part of EuroCloud Deutschland eco e. V., an association of the cloud computing industry, which is affiliated to the eco association and has been in existence since 2009. EuroCloud focuses on the treatment of topics in the area of cloud computing and the bundling of synergies. We are also interested in harmonization and the further development of national and international framework conditions. This applies to both the technical and legal levels. Issues relating to security, law and compliance are taken into account.

Case Studies

Concordia Versicherungen

“Our IT staff can focus entirely on their real duties.“

Konica Minolta

“Our employees didn’t notice a thing on migration – they simply stopped getting spam!”


„Encryption mechanisms in email communication vastly increase confidence in our business relationships.”

Activate the new features in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Webcast

Get an extensive insight into existing as well as new features, which we will gladly explain in detail in our webcast. Get further information at the following link: Download webcast here.

Step 2: Automatic Setup

We will automatically migrate all routing related information, your users and domains until February 2, 2018, as well as your individual blacklist and whitelist. You will receive a separate email notification when your configuration has been successfully migrated. We ask you to wait until you will have received your access credentials and information.


Step 3: MX Conversion

Find out here in our HowTo how you can easily set up the Hornetsecurity Spamfilter Service. Get detailed information here.

Everything from one source – comprehensive protection for you as customer or partner

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your company from targeted and individualized attacks like CEO fraud, ransomware, phishing and blended attacks.

Advanced E-Mail Signature & Disclaimer

Set up consistent email sigantures and email disclaimers the easy way – company-wide.

Email encryption

The low-cost automatic email encryption service protects incoming and outgoing emails against phishing and fraud.

Web filter

Protect your business against dangerous content from the Internet and manage the access to the web.

Email archive

Effortless email archiving: Archive all your incoming and outgoing emails in secure data centers in a manner that ensures data integrity and compliance with applicable laws.

Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact your Account or Partner Manager.

Your existing contact person at Avira will be available for your questions. Technical questions regarding the migration will be thoroughly answered in the webcasts, so please take part in them.

If you have any questions concerning Hornetsecurity and its services, please approach the respective person at Hornetsecurity.

Diana Kaebe

Partner Account Manager

☎ +49 511 515 464-202


Tassilo Totzeck

Partner Account Manager

☎ +49 511 515 464-206


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