Cyber Security Report

Cyber Security Report 2024: An In-depth Analysis of the Microsoft 365 Threat Landscape

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What to expect

The Cyber Security Report is an annual analysis of the Microsoft 365 threat landscape, shaped by real-world data meticulously collected and studied by Hornetsecurity’s dedicated Security Lab team. In 2023, Hornetsecurity processed in excess of 45 billion emails which provides a unique opportunity to identify emerging threats and critical vulnerabilities, reveal important trends and can make informed projections for the future of Microsoft 365 security threats, enabling businesses to act accordingly.

What’s inside the report:


  • An analysis of the current state of Microsoft 365 security
  • The most critical and emerging cyber security threats
  • Predictions from the Security Lab about cyber security threats in 2024
  • Actionable advice on how to respond and help protect your business
  • And more!

Based on an analysis of



are categorized as “unwanted.”

A full breakdown of the vulnerabilities, attack vectors, file types, brand impersonations, and more is revealed in the report.

The Cyber Security Report 2024 is an essential read for CISOs, Microsoft 365 admins and anyone concerned with their organization’s cyber security. Keep one step ahead of the hackers and learn how to protect your organization in 2024 today!

About the Data Set

Every year, Hornetsecurity’s dedicated Security Lab analyzes the emails scanned by our next-generation security technology. In 2023 alone, 45 billion emails were processed. As email continues to be one of the primary methods threat actors use to launch attacks, this elevates us to a unique position to provide accurate insights into the state of cyber security.

This data, combined with a detailed knowledge of the wider threat landscape, forms the foundation of this report.

What is the Security Lab?

The Security Lab is a division of Hornetsecurity that conducts forensic analyses of the most current and critical security threats, specializing in email security. The multinational team of security specialists has extensive experience in security research, software engineering, and data science.

An in-depth understanding of the threat landscape established through hands-on examination of real-world viruses, phishing attacks, malware, and more, is critical to developing effective countermeasures. The detailed insights uncovered by the Security Lab serve as the foundation for Hornetsecurity’s next-gen cyber security solutions.

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