Hornetdrive clients with new design and uniform operation on all platforms

The new client generation for Hornetdrive, the fully encrypted cloud storage system, is available as of today. The new clients not only bring along innovations in the design field – the software has actually been optimized for a more intuitive and mobile usage. The software is also considerably faster now. Likewise new: Users with a business license now have access to all the features of the enterprise license. The new Hornetdrive clients are available for downloading at www.hornetdrive.com as well as iTunes and Google Play.   With the new client, Hornetdrive does away with the differences between a business and enterprise license, at least with respect to the set of features. Now users of the business version can also use the full range of Hornetdrive features: This makes it possible, for example, to delete local data, integrate network drives or share individual files using an encrypted URL.   Access all data at any time and from anywhere – the new Hornetdrive clients are increasingly geared to mobile use. This includes, in particular, rapid and simple access to all drives, but also straightforward management of drives and drive members as well as your own Hornetdrive account: Context menus can be opened right in the drives – for mobile devices, by sliding them to the left or right; for the desktop version, via a drop-down menu on the right side. More information is also provided by the new information button, which can be used to access relevant information on the drive, folder or a specific file at any time. In addition, users can add comments.   The presentation clarity of the new Hornetdrive version has also been significantly enhanced: The clients now display drives, folders in the user field in a clearly arranged manner, greatly facilitating the use of Hornetdrive. You can now also customize the display size – something that was impossible to set previously.   The current version also boasts significantly improved performance: Admission to a new drive, in particular, is now much faster than with previous versions of Hornetdrive. Drive contents are already available to users after a very short time, at least as a content summary. You can then set precisely which contents are also to be made available locally. Another novelty in this context is that the online and offline availability of files can be controlled up to the folder and even the file level.   The fully encrypted cloud storage solution, Hornetdrive, is interesting for both businesses and individuals. The online storage system secures data at a central location and gives you the option of managing it as well as editing it quickly and easily. If a mobile device is lost or the hard disk of a computer fails, Hornetdrive prevents data loss thanks to the synchronization function – the cloud storage system automatically synchronizes all files and stores them in the cloud, so they are always available. All data is locally encrypted using the latest encryption technology before being uploaded to the cloud, meaning that no one can view the clear version of the data without the corresponding key. The data is also exclusively stored in secured data centers in Germany – another plus for users who want to or have to comply with German data protection regulations.