Good news for Hornetdrive users: Hornetsecurity has treated its fully encrypted cloud storage with a new update. The latest version Hornetdrive 4.5 has many new features in store, especially when it comes to compatibility and user experience. Here are some of them in detail.


Users of Mac OS version 10.13 (High Sierra) will benefit from one of the new features in particular. With this update, Hornetdrive now supports Apple’s new file system APFS, which has replaced the outdated HFS+. So you can use Hornetdrive like before on your brand-new iMac od MacBook, too.  

Export of log files facilitates data analysis

  Another practical feature increases Hornetdrive’s user friendliness. Version 4.5 offers a new export and filter function. This facilitates users to keep an overview on all events taking place. Every activity is logged in a so-called “event log file”, which can contain a high number of data. With the new export and filter functionality, these data can be downloaded easily as a CSV file and thus filtered and analyzed outside of Hornetdrive.  

Always stay up to date

  Also, the new notification feature helps users react and adapt to recent activities within Hornetdrive. This functionality can be found under “Settings” and “Notifications”. There they can determine whether to receive pop-up or email notifications for certain events like file conflicts, new file versions, the renaming of folders or new drive members.  
Turn on notifications in a flash

Turn on notifications in a flash

  The new Hornetdrive version 4.5 can be downloaded cost-free from now on for all Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions on our website. Android and iOS users can get their latest version in the play store or app store.