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In this episode of the Security Swarm Podcast, our host Andy Syrewicze discusses the key findings from Hornetsecurity’s Monthly Threat Report with guest Michael Posey. The Monthly Threat Report is a valuable resource that provides monthly insights into M365 security trends, email-based threats, and commentary on current events in the cybersecurity space.  

In this episode, Andy and Michael talk about recent security events such as the Cyber Safety Review Board’s (CSRB) report assessment of the Storm-0558 attack, the FTC’s reports on impersonation attacks, and an alarming potential supply chain attack on the XZ Utils package in open-source Linux distributions. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly with a variety of threats, from supply chain attacks to impersonation scams. 
  • Transparency and security diligence are crucial in preventing and mitigating cyber threats. 
  • End-user training and awareness play a significant role in enhancing overall cybersecurity posture. 


(05:26) – Rising Trends in Email Threats and Cybersecurity Impersonation Tactics

(15:26) – The Importance of Email Security and Supply Chain Attacks in Today’s Cyber Landscape

(18:12) – Uncovering the Storm-0558 Breach: Analysis and Recommendations

(27:33) – FTC Reports on Impersonation Attacks and the Importance of End User Training in Cybersecurity

(34:25) – Major Security Threat Uncovered in XZ Utils Package in Open Source Linux Distributions

(40:22) – Insights on Cybersecurity Issues and Mitigations 

Episode Resources: 

The Full Monthly Threat Report for April 2024

Fully automated Security Awareness Training Demo