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The Monthly Threat Report by Hornetsecurity brings you monthly insights into M365 security trends, email-based threats, and commentary on current events in the cybersecurity space.  In today’s episode with Yvonne Bernard – CTO at Hornetsecurity, we are analyzing data from the month of August 2023. 

During the episode, Andy and Yvonne explore the overall threat trends including:  

  • The most common malicious file types used to deliver payloads, with HTML files taking the lead 

  • The decline of malicious PDF and archive files, likely due to the disruption of Qakbot.  

  • The industries that were most targeted over the past month as well as some brands that cybercriminals are impersonating in phishing attacks. 

  • The impact of the FBI’s disruption of Qakbot. 

  • The Storm-0558 breach. 

  • A French government agency and a software vendor in the gaming space both had breaches that accounted for the PII of roughly 14 million individuals being stolen by threat actors. 


(3:22) – General threat trends for this month’s data period 

(7:11) – What were the most used file types used for malicious payloads during the data period? 

(10:10) – What are the most targeted industries for this data period? 

(12:04) – The most impersonated brands from this month’s report 

(16:52) – Commentary on the FBI’s disruption of the Qakbot Botnet 

(22:54) – An update on the Microsoft Storm-0558 breach 

(33:46) – Data breaches account for 14 million lost records 

Episode Resources:

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