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In this week’s episode, Andy sits down with Daniel Hofmann, the CEO of Hornetsecurity, for an exclusive glimpse into life as a cybersecurity CEO in the modern era. During the episode, Daniel shares the complexities of leading a top-tier security organization exploring the challenges and rewards that come with the role whilst touching upon some predictions for the ever-evolving cybersecurity industry. 

With cybersecurity being an industry that never stands still, the conversation also delves into the constant opportunities for innovation. Tune in to discover ways of staying informed and constantly adapting to the shifting threat landscape. 


(2:13) – What is it like being the CEO of a Cybersecurity Company? 

(7:27) – What are the main methods that Daniel uses to keep up to date on the industry? 

(10:05) – What was the main driving reason behind founding Hornetsecurity? 

(13:26) – Solving security problems with a unique approach. 

(18:28) – How is AI changing the cybersecurity industry? 

(24:08) – Daniel’s cybersecurity predictions for the future. 

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