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In this episode, Andy and Paul Schnackenburg, Microsoft Certified Trainer, investigate the burning question on everyone’s mind: Is Microsoft 365 a secure platform? As we discuss the intricate details and inner workings of Microsoft 365 security, we leave no stone unturned.

Tune in to learn valuable insights and expert analysis on the subject, as well as how Microsoft 365 holds up in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.


2:30 – Is Microsoft 365 secure?

6:32 – Management portal and configuration creep in M365

13:28 – Does file sharing in M365 create a security problem?

20:07 – Lack of transparency in regards to internal cloud infrastructure CVEs

25:36 – The mentality of security – just because it’s in “the cloud”

29:38 – Ultimately it’s the “customer’s” responsibility to stay safe

Episode Resources:

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Microsoft 365 Security Checklist

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365 Permission Manager Free Trial

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Organizations increasingly depend on cloud-based productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 to enhance workforce productivity and streamline operations in the current digital era. Understanding Microsoft 365’s security landscape reveals a holistic and dynamic approach to safeguarding data. Nonetheless, ensuring complete protection remains imperative.

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To elevate your compliance for Microsoft 365, use Hornetsecurity Microsoft 365 Permission Manager, as our service offers Microsoft 365 administrators numerous benefits such as easy-to-use, timesaving, compliance monitoring, govern compliance, and more.