In our last post, we showed you a trainee starting work at Hornetsecurity. Tina, our IT systems trainee, has just come to the end of her third year of training at Hornetsecurity. She is the best example of the kinds of training opportunities Hornetsecurity offers to prospective trainees, and how they make them possible.   Tina, tell us a bit about yourself. Hi, I am Bettina Thomas, I live in Hannover and I have been a trainee at Hornetsecurity since 01/08/2012, working as an IT Systems Specialist. Alongside work, I attend block lessons at the Multi Media Vocational School in Hanover.   How did you find out about Hornetsecurity? I searched the Internet for IT specialist trainee positions in application development. After I saw Hornetsecurity’s website, I decided to apply. In the interview, the IT systems job was also presented to me with the option of training as either an IT Specialist or an IT Systems Specialist. After doing some research, I chose the latter and I am very happy with the decision.   What do you expect from training? I try to not have any expectations about it. The IT Systems Specialist job is so broad that I’m achieving my goal of acquiring as much knowledge as possible.   What department are you in at the moment, and what are your responsibilities? I am currently spending my last few days in Office Management. My time here has given me a lot in terms of my commercial training. My range of responsibilities includes general secretarial work, preparatory accounting, accounts receivable, sales support, expense reports and much more.   Which departments have you worked in? To date, I have been in Presales, Customer Support, Product Management and Office Management. I will be going back into the Presales department in my last year of training. There, I will develop and consolidate my technical knowledge by working closely with Administration.   What are your goals for the future? First, I would like to improve upon the points highlighted in my employee reviews, where I can still optimize my performance. Then I would be really happy successfully completing my training. I would like to put the knowledge that I have gained in training to the test in a permanent role.   Personal interests/hobbies: My time spent at work involves a lot of time spent at a computer. That is why I like to do something completely different in my spare time and when I am on holiday. I like going climbing or bouldering either indoors or outdoors, but also a few days or weeks of walking or hiking is really fun.