Today we would like to introduce to you Fridolin. He came to Hornetsecurity to bring in and expand his previous work experience within his new position as Technical Consultant.

  What were your previous career steps?
I was always interested in IT and fascinated by it. Therefore, I made an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development and worked at first as a software developer. After that, I had jobs as an Application Administrator, ERP Consultant and IT-Administrator. Then I moved to Panama for three years, where I worked as a Business Development Manager.   Why did you choose Hornetsecurity as your new employer?
I was searching for new challenges and took notice of Hornetsecurity, because I was looking for a job that combines IT and languages (German, English and Spanish). That was exactly what I found here! Additionally, I have projects at Hornetsecurity, which I can manage independently so that I can bear a lot of responsibility at an early stage.   What exactly is your Job at Hornetsecurity?
I’m a Technical Consultant in the team of Customer Relations. In case of product changes or new releases we communicate all relevant information to our customers and sales partners. This also applies on an international scale. In addition, we handle the support tickets from our communication platform. I have different projects, whose duration range from one week to three months, and each one of them is exciting and diverse.   What are the differences between Hornetsecurity and other companies?
Hornetsecurity has a very good business idea, because the field of IT security is becoming increasingly important in present times of cybercrime. The more each employee brings in his own skills and ideas, the more we can ensure and encourage the protection of our customers. This creative possibility to participate and seeing direct results of our work are big advantages of Hornetsecurity.   How do you find the cooperation within the team?
We work together in small teams on different projects and support each other in case of various problems. As a result, we can combine and expand the experience and knowledge of each person well in order to achieve the best goals possible. In recurring department or company-wide meetings each person is integrated beyond the own remit, so that everyone knows, where the journey is heading and how the own performance is measured.   What do you do in your spare time?
I like to play volleyball and I love to make music. For example, i play the trumpet, the guitar and the mandolin. But, of course, my family is also part of my hobbies, because I spend a lot of my spare time with my two little children and my wife.