Digitization turns our working world and existing IT structures upside down. Products turn into services; fixed service packages turn into tailored solutions that can be customized in a modular manner to suit the changing requirements and IT budget of companies. The cloud makes this possible.   Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) in particular have had difficulty keeping up with the rapid IT developments in recent years. The result: aging infrastructure and applications that are no longer on the cutting edge. This in turn lead to slower business processes. Media inconsistencies have often hampered the continuous flow of processes.   In addition to classic office or business applications, this also affected and continues to affect email traffic. Outdated solutions are still in use. Not least because many companies lack the necessary expertise – people use what they are familiar with and tend to shy away from innovations. Cloud solutions in particular can be a way of avoiding this dilemma for many SMEs. Professional cloud providers enable these companies to benefit from modern infrastructure and sufficient IT know-how that helps them make use of modern solutions.   Hornetsecurity provides its customers secure and convenient email traffic with Hosted Exchange. Companies that do not have a professional IT department particularly benefit from such a service, which provides a professional email landscape at attractive prices. Operating the solution is a breeze, as only some basic information is required to set it up. For the customer, this means “out of the box” emailing, i.e. getting started quickly and easily without a long installation process. The provider also takes care of maintaining the solution. Users no longer have to worry about updates, as hardware and software are always state-of-the-art.   Security is Hornetsecurity’s core competence. Spam and virus protection is thus a self-evident component of Hosted Exchange. The service also includes encrypted data traffic via TLS and the ability to recover deleted messages if necessary.   Individual service variants   Customer focus and service quality are key features of Hosted Exchange, which is offered in two versions. The service is generally aimed at users who either don’t want to or can’t operate their own email server. Hosted Exchange allows such companies the flexible use of a professional email infrastructure. The service offer includes 25 gigabytes of storage capacity and Microsoft Exchange, which Hornetsecurity uses as a platform for the service.   Hosted Exchange Enterprise Plus is based on the basic version of the service, while extending it to include additional options. This variant thus enables you to store your entire email traffic for three months. This is a particularly important criterion for critical business processes, as accidentally deleted messages can be recovered without any problems. Hosted Exchange Enterprise Plus also provides encryption mechanisms that allow emails to be signed and encrypted using the latest technologies.   With solutions such as Hornetsecurity Hosted Exchange, SMEs in particular should see the digital transformation as an opportunity rather than as a risk. Digital processes and services from the cloud increase flexibility, provide transparency and reduce IT costs, thus making SMEs fit for global competition.