Since Hornetsecurity was founded, its sales have gone in only one direction – up. The company is looking to quadruple by 2021. With an enormous annual growth rate of more than 50%, cloud security provider Hornetsecurity is the market leader in Europe and is now getting ready to enter the U.S. market. The company is the front runner not just in growth figures, but in technology too: Released less than one year ago, the latest product, Advanced Threat Protection, now protects one in every ten users against new threats. These successes have not gone unnoticed. New investor climbs onboard “In just one year, the company has developed a new product and successfully established it on the market,” states Hans-Christian Semmler, CEO of HCS Beteiligungsgesellschaft, a holding firm that has invested millions in the company. “Seldom have our analysts seen such fine-tuned workflows, processes and advanced technology,” he continues. Existing investors Verdane Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds also back the company with sums in the seven-digit range. With these investments, Hornetsecurity will extend its global reach. “The InvestImpuls funds have achieved their goals, establishing a strong security provider on the market that gives generous returns,” explains Dr. Bert Brinkhaus from EnjoyVenture, fund manager for the Hanover-based fund. As an early-stage investor, the company will now pull out, taking the capital it has generated to help another young technology company get off the ground. Hornetsecurity already enjoys international success Over 20 percent of new orders already stem from countries outside the German-speaking region, and the company is now looking to tap the US market to boost this figure significantly. To prepare for this coming growth, Hornetsecurity has already doubled its staff within one year. “We are well prepared,” says Daniel Hofmann, Managing Director of Hornetsecurity. The aim is to increase the technological lead over the competition. “With this additional staff we want to speed up the development of our current 14 technology projects,” explains Hofmann.