The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2019 lists the world’s biggest threats, led by weather extremes, trade wars, and particularly rising cybercrime. Cyberattacks such as viruses, trojans and ransomware are not limited by national borders. The need and demand for security against attacks continues to grow internationally from year to year.

In particular, over the past four years, the threat situation in Malaysia has intensified extremely. According to the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), Southeast Asian companies are increasingly affected by cyberattacks, mainly mails containing malware. Since 1999, the Malaysian distributor InternetNow! based in Kuala Lumpur provides secure email communication among other IT security services. InternetNow! distributes Hornetsecurity’s quality email security services in Malaysia for 6 years now.
Just prior to the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, on February 5, InternetNow! was pleased to announce another highlight: On January 23, the Southeast Asian partner celebrated its 20th anniversary and organized an exclusive event with the topic “Reseller Appreciation Dinner 2019”. Our colleague Alexis Tenzler (Head of Customer Success) was part of this special event and had the pleasure to hand over a prize to the most successful InternetNow! partners.
Ilyas Sapiyan, CEO of InternetNow!, started the celebrations with some anecdotes about the history of the Internet specialist and led the attending partners and employees through the most important milestones of the company. Thereby he emphasized the significant growth of InternetNow!. Hornetsecurity’s Email Security Services generated the largest revenue volume in 2018 and thus established itself as the distributor’s strongest growth driver. Shinjiru International Inc., leading offshore web hosting provider, has been recognized by Tenzler as the most successful Hornetsecurity reseller in Malaysia.
Later, the present partners of InternetNow! introduced one of their products. Regarding the increasing threat from malware attacks, Alexis Tenzler presented Hornetsecurity’s „Advanced Threat Protection“ (ATP): He explained exactly what and who is behind “Advanced Persistent Threats” and that ATP is able to detect even the most sophisticated attacks through innovative analysis and filtering mechanisms.
At the end of the event, Sapiyan once again pointed out the growing threat of cybercrime and that it can only be dealt with through global cooperation. In 2019, InternetNow! will focus primarily on security awareness training for its customers’ end users, synchronized security with Next Gen endpoints and email security.

A few impressions:

Hornetsecurity in Malaysia
Hornetsecurity in Malaysia
Hornetsecurity in Malaysia