Tsigab is doing an apprenticeship at Hornetsecurity. He is from Eritrea and has been in Germany for only three years. Today we would like to introduce him to you.

  Please briefly introduce yourself to us.
My name is Tsigab, I’m 26 years old and I’m living in Germany for three years now. I’m originally from Eritrea, which lies north of Ethiopia. In April I started working at Hornetsecurity as an intern and now I am an apprentice here.   Why did you applied to Hornetsecurity?
I have been interested in the job description of an IT-specialist for a while now and was able to gain some experience in my three years in Germany. I came across Hornetsecurity at the employment agency and applied directly for the advertised position.   What does your work routine look like?
At the moment I’m working in the area Service Operations, where I independently create spam rules for our spam filter service. I make sure that spam emails are recognized by our filters and treated as such. In addition, I get a good insight into other tasks that come up here at Hornetsecurity. Right now I’m being introduced to the Linux-administration and Bash Script.   You already mentioned it: What have you done before your internship at Hornetsecurity?
It is five years since I first worked in the IT field. Next to repairing computers I also made simple configurations of web servers and networks. From these previous experiences I benefit now. Now I want to improve my expertise and with Hornetsecurity I’ve found the right partner for that.   What do you do outside of the Hornetsecurity offices?
I like spending time with my friends in the garden. We love to care for plants and plant something new. To see how a small seed grows to a beautiful plant is triggering a positive feeling. After the gardening comes of course the pleasure. We relax and look proudly at our work. I always take my laptop computer with me because we occasionally like to play videogames. Furthermore, I like reading books and listening to music. If the weather is nice, I like taking a walk in Hanover to become familiar with my surroundings.   What is your decisive argument for going to work with pleasure?
Clearly my colleagues, who integrated me kindly into the team right from the start. I can always rely on their helpfulness. So I felt comfortable right from the beginning. The work at Hornetsecurity comes right after that. I really enjoy my work, which is very versatile because of the insights into the different departments.   You have been in Germany for three years. What are your plans for the next three years?
Firstly I want to continue my apprenticeship at Hornetsecurity and, of course, finish it successfully. Then it is my wish that I can continue my career at Hornetsecurity as a permanent employee.