In our weekly blog “Trainees introduce themselves”, today is the turn of trainee Christian, who is currently training with us as an IT Specialist for system integration.   Christian, tell us a bit about yourself. “I am Christian, I am 25 and I live in Höver (close to Hanover). I started my training at Hornetsecurity as an IT Specialist for system integration on 01/08/2011 after a one-month internship.”   How did you find out about Hornetsecurity at the time? I found out about the training position through a job advertisement on the Internet.   What department are you in at the moment, and what are your responsibilities? I have been in the Presales department since December 2013, where I look after the technical service for our test clients. I also hold training sessions on Hornetsecurity products for our partners and clients.   Which departments have you rotated into during your training? While I have been doing my training, I have spent two years in Support, around six months in the Administration department and then I went to Presales.   What has been your personal highlight of your time spent training to date? The work itself is really fun at Hornetsecurity due to the great working environment. That is a real highlight for me.   Hornetsecurity wants to take you on. What will your responsibilities be? My responsibilities will not differ from what they are now, because I am going to be a “Presales Consultant” in Presales. Of course you are more independent and take on more responsibility than before, and projects and clients are split up across the department in a new, different way.   What are your goals for the future? After my training, I would like to move into my own place in Hanover, and I would also quite like a lottery win!   What are your personal interests and hobbies? I play volleyball for a club and I also like playing computer games with friends.