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2019: The Year of Ransomware

You cannot turn on the news without hearing about it, and you cannot show up to work without being warned about it. Ransomware has dominated the public conversation on cyber security, and hackers have spent the year exploiting companies for billions with the tactic. Email has become the number one attack vector, and ransomware has become any employees worst enemy.
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Formjacking – The New Invisible Threat in Cyberspace

Christmas is just around the corner and it is already certain that some people will lose their holiday spirit. When millions of people go online on a gift hunt, the trap snaps shut. We are talking about the new invisible threat on the Internet: Formjacking, also known as e-skimming. Hackers are stealing credit card and bank details from online shops with hijacked payment forms…
IT-Security Blog

The hacker: made in Hollywood?

A hacker is smart, much smarter than the average. With just a few clicks and a few key combinations, he’s hacked into the IT systems of governments, public authorities and large corporations. He avoids the public and acts in secret – that’s how it’s portrayed in Hollywood movies. But the profile of computer geniuses is much more diverse than expected…
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The age of information: What makes your data so valuable?

Are you aware of your “data value”? In the case of a data leak in the IT systems of multinational companies, it is often reported that the damage amounts to billions. Data has even become one of the most valuable resources in the world. However, a calculator that allows users to determine the overall value of their data leaves a completely different impression: the “price” for the information provided by users is always less than one dollar. But how is this possible and is it even possible to specifically calculate the value of this “resource”?

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