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It Can Wait Till Next Year…

How many times have you said that or heard that in the office environment? Probably more often than you care to admit. When that statement is made it usually applies to the costs associated with initiatives that sit on the budget bubble. These items or initiatives...

Business email compromise: threat grows dramatically

Besides Ransomware, Crypto Miner and Spyware, the plain text-based attack method Business email compromise seems very unimpressive. But it is now one of the biggest global cyber threats: According to the FBI, the email fraud has already caused damage of around 12 billion dollars worldwide.

ATP update – Introducing the new feature Malicious Document Decryption

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to inject malware into the systems of businesses and organizations and to get around antivirus programs unnoticed. By encrypting email attachments, hackers have been able to bypass some filtering mechanisms. However, the new Malicious Document Decryption feature can look behind the tricky attack technique.

The future of encryption technology? Quantum computers and post-quantum cryptography explained

A revolution in the computer industry? A quantum computer uses the laws of quantum physics and is therefore much more powerful and faster than our known private and commercial computers. The technology could not only bring about a global change in medicine and communication – the commercial use of such a computer would also have an enormous influence on IT security.

Mirai – The Botnet of Things

In October 2016, the Mirai botnet became widely known for the first time: the largest DDoS attack ever launched on the DNS provider “Dyn” shuts down Amazon and Netflix for several hours. The botnet consisted of hacked smart devices – an enormous security vulnerability in the Internet of Things was revealed. What does this mean for digitization in companies? And who exactly is behind the dangerous IoT virus Mirai?

Crypto mining – From the gold rush in the digital world

Crypto currencies have established as a legitimate means of payment in the digital world. However, “mining” these currencies involves a great deal of effort – cybercriminals have developed methods to illegally gain access to the new gold. Especially companies are at the mercy…We examine the mining of modern times and clarify the most important questions.

secIT 2019: The security meeting spot in Hannover

After its successful premiere in 2018, secIT by Heise has established as an important security event in northern Germany. During qualitative conversations in Experts Talks and lectures by IT experts, visitors were able to get an overview of the current topics in the cyber security industry.

RSA 2019 – One step ahead of cybercrime

As an expert for email security in the cloud, Hornetsecurity again attended the world’s leading conference and exhibition for information security “RSA” in San Francisco this year. We share our impressions and report about the topics of this year’s event – and are delighted for receiving a very special award.

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