The forecast for resellers: bright and sunny thanks to the cloud!

The forecast for resellers: bright and sunny thanks to the cloud!

The challenges are high but rewarding for system houses that focus on cloud-based services.


It is still common belief by some CEOs that cloud computing is a side issue that only progresses slowly. In reality, cloud-based technology has rapidly progressed – it is already well-established in a large number of companies. And the market continues to grow. According to market researcher ISG, the German market for public cloud services has grown annually at about 26%. Resellers have already begun to feel the consequences of this development, especially those that still offer traditional IT services. They need to rethink their market strategy to keep pace with a shifting marketplace.


Many resellers are on the right track and have expanded their portfolios by including managed services like the Spamfilter Service or Advanced Threat Protection from Hornetsecurity. IT channels are also rapidly consolidating, as the buyout of Exabyters by Telcat prove (both are Hornetsecurity partners!).  This merger represents the future of the IT channel which constantly needs to find new fields of business and offerings. Telcat plans to take over Exabyters‘ 30 employees and increase the managed service staff to 150 employees in the coming years.


Save costs, time and effort with cloud services


And there are good reasons for the growth of cloud-based solutions.  Through cloud-based services, enterprises can drastically reduce both their internal hardware and software requirements which leads to saving time and money for IT administrators. IT managers are now able to concentrate on their core competences and projects. They can also develop their department to be more flexible by scaling their outsourced activities much more easily. Concerns about cloud services creating a lack in data security and losing control are minimized by waterproof contractual agreements and a continuous growth of professionalization of the providers.


While companies largely benefit from cloud services, resellers seeking to reorganize their portfolio will face massive changes in their organization, logistics and processes. First, there is the change from typical contracts with an annual or even multiannual duration to monthly contracts. Consequently, the cashflow will naturally change from large single payments to small monthly payments. This adjustment holds some advantages, as there will be a steady regular cashflow.


Changes can be hard but rewarding


Beyond that, resellers need to bring their service mentality to the next level, as customers are expecting a higher service quality when using cloud-based services. For example, they demand a very high quality of service, which ideally is available 24/7 on both a technical and sales level. For this, server capacities need to be created or increased, employees trained for the new services and possibly working in shifts. So, many challenges that require a huge amount of planning, assertiveness and even capital investment, wait for resellers.


Nonetheless, the struggle can pay off.  Simply relying on existing technologies and not preparing for the future has rarely paid out, although in the future there will remain niches that resellers could occupy. The cloud with all its disruptions of prevalent technologies cannot be stopped. Channel executives should not evaluate the situation wrong, otherwise they will end like German emperor Wilhelm II., who is alleged to have said, “I believe in the horse. The automobile is only a temporary occurrence.“

Hornetsecurity signs first U.S. distributor deal

Hornetsecurity signs first U.S. distributor deal

Value-added distributor Contronex includes Hornetsecurity’s Cloud Security Services into its portfolio


Hornetsecurity has closed its first VAD contract in the U.S. with Naples, FL based distributor Contronex.  With this new partnership, Hornetsecurity will significantly expand its reach into the U.S. and Canada.


According to Oliver Dehning, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “With Contronex, we have found the perfect match. They are experienced in providing the best security solutions in the IT marketplace.  Also, they offer an extensive network of resellers that are trained in selling high-class security products. We’re very happy to have established a relationship with this experienced partner.”


“As a growing value-added distributor of IT security software solutions, we regularly add new vendors to expand our product portfolio. With Hornetsecurity, the onboarding process was accomplished quicker than ever”, adds Beat Kramer, CEO at Contronex.


Hornetsecurity, a leading European Cloud Security Service provider, offers a full suite of Email Security Solutions protecting companies of all sizes from malware or phishing attacks and unauthorized access and loss of data, all without the need for extra hardware, software or administrative effort.


Founded in 1990 in Naples, FL, Contronex specializes in the distribution of IT security solutions and commits to three simple concepts: integrity, reliability and commitment to service, which aligns perfectly with the Hornetsecurity approach. Contronex has developed a unique partner program for resellers and managed service providers that helps them to purchase the products their clients’ need.

Hornetsecurity acquires Avira’s spam filter business

Hornetsecurity acquires Avira’s spam filter business

German customers of Avira Managed E-Mail Security and Cleanport customers located in the Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg (BeNeLux) regions are switching to the Hornetsecurity Managed Spamfilter Service


Hornetsecurity began the transition of Avira spam filter business customers today. Avira is a German vendor and highly respected industry player in the arena of anti-virus software solutions. Hornetsecurity is now further extending their leading European market position in the managed security services with this merger. Based on their company strategy moving forward, Avira has chosen to stop selling its cloud email security solution and focus on their core business of commercial antivirus products for business customers.


Avira and Clearport customers have started their changeover to Hornetsecurity’s Managed Spamfilter Service. This switch is a huge win for these customers as they now have access to Hornetsecurity’s market-leading spam detection rates and the ability to utilize the full-solution portfolio from the cloud security experts from Hannover, Germany.


To guarantee a smooth transition, Avira and Hornetsecurity have collaborated to work out the details of the technical and organizational preparations needed to move the process forward quickly and efficiently. All effected resellers were informed of the platform change before Christmas. These reseller partners were invited to participate in cost-free training webinars and then migrated automatically to Hornetsecurity’s services. A website containing information on the migration process and features of the Hornetsecurity spam filter service has been created for Avira and Cleanport partners and is available here:


This  will significantly ease the conversion process for all partners and customers and they will be able to immediately start benefiting from the Hornetsecurity services.


“By taking over Cleanport and Avira Managed E-Mail Security, we made a huge step towards our goal to become the leading European provider of cloud-based email security solutions”, said Daniel Blank, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “Especially in the BeNeLux countries we will become a leading provider with this deal. Together with all new resellers we will be able to continuously increase our market share.”


„With Hornetsecurity we found a company, where we can be sure that our existing Cleanport and Avira Managed E-Mail Security partners and customers will be in very good hands”, adds Christian Milde, Vice President Strategic Alliances at Avira.


The existing sales partners of Avira services will also benefit from this new collaboration by participating in Hornetsecurity’s multilevel partner program. The program features extensive support for all sales, marketing, and technical support activities as well as active partner management that provides a mutual benefit for both sides. The highly developed product portfolio of Hornetsecurity also offers many new sales opportunities for these newly acquired reseller partners.


Hornetsecurity’s Managed Spamfilter Service not only protects the email traffic but secures it at the same time by utilizing a guaranteed 99.9% spam recognition rate and 99.99% virus recognition rate. Hornetsecurity has a market-leading spam filter solution featuring an intuitive user interface which is carefully designed to be simple and easy for administrators. Furthermore, Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection offers comprehensive protection from sophisticated attacks like ransomware, CEO fraud and spearphishing that cannot be detected by traditional prevention methods. The email archiving solution Aeternum and an encryption service complete the available service offerings.

Hornetsecurity strikes again – distribution contract with ADN in the bag

Hornetsecurity strikes again – distribution contract with ADN in the bag

Hornetsecurity has closed another strategic partnership with a value-added distributor.

ADN Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH from Bochum, Germany has been founded in 1994 and specializes in the distribution of cloud services, technologies and solutions that require intensive consulting. With this cooperation, Hornetsecurity dramatically increases its reach, as ADN contains a network of 6.000 partners and clients.


The Hornetsecurity services can be purchased through ADN as of now. The value-added distributor provides more than 30 employees that have been trained and certified on the vendor solutions to support resellers with their high competence.


“From the start ADN focused on our partnership with enthusiasm and engagement. Such a huge team of sales-related and technical specialists is a true added-value for ADN resellers”, says Daniel Blank, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “Our services reduce complexity and offer resellers the opportunity to differentiate from their competitors. I am convinced that ADN is the perfect partner to push exactly these topics and to explore the enormous growth potential in cloud security.”


“Our experience is that companies, when it comes to processing emails in the cloud and long-term storage of emails, lay a strong emphasis on data security and compliance. Organizations also have high expectations on spam filtering and protection from ransomware and deceiving emails like CEO fraud“, says Dirk Wolbeck, team leader networking & security at ADN.


Resellers and system houses should consider these requirements when selecting the suitable email cloud security solution. With its focus on email security ”made in Germany“, Hornetsecurity offers the necessary expertise and is thus the perfect partner for ADN.


„It is our goal to have the best and most innovative vendors on board. The Hornetsecurity surface provides a quick overview, is easy to manage and offers multitenancy. Attributes that are very important to our clients“, adds Dirk Wolbeck.

Interview with Giuseppe Scalamogna – Inside Technical Sales

Interview with Giuseppe Scalamogna – Inside Technical Sales

Giuseppe is our first employee for our new subsidiary in the USA. He is busy building Hornetsecurity Inc. and establishing it in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.


Hi Giuseppe, you are officially our first employee in our U.S. office. Can you tell me a little bit about your work at Hornetsecurity?


No problem. Hornetsecurity has given me a unique opportunity to be a part of their US expansion.  Presently, I’m tasked with building relationships and helping to find partners who will help us grow. It’s an incredible feeling to be given the confidence to come onboard and guide how our process will be developed here in the Pittsburgh office. It certainly has been a learning experience for me as I have been able to participate not only in sales strategy, but I’ve also had the pleasure to work with the Marketing and PR teams to get the business up and running. It has been very busy, but I have enjoyed all aspects of the experience. I’m confident that the team we have in Germany and the team we are assembling here in Pittsburgh are poised for the challenges involved in growing.


Would you mind giving us some insight into your daily routine?


Not at all! I have a pretty simple daily routine and it all starts with communication. Typically, I read over my emails first thing in the morning before I leave for the office here in Bakery Square. My work commute through the neighborhood takes me less than 10 minutes. Once I arrive at the office I start off by responding to emails and contacting my colleagues in Germany. I want to make sure that we have some time to collaborate on various projects, since we have a time difference of 6 hours. After I finish with conference calls and anything that needs my urgent attention I pick up the phone and start calling prospective leads here in Pittsburgh. I follow up with clients that have reached out and update our CRM software. I try to think of new ways to improve my sales process and experiment with incremental changes. I also think about what the office needs are as we continue to grow and I envision how we can make the office functional for the team – that’s an exciting part about being here at the beginning.


You have already been to the offices in Germany. How were your impressions of Germany, the offices and your new colleagues?


I had been to Europe in the past and even spent some time teaching English in Italy years ago, but I had never been to Germany before this trip. It truly is a remarkable country full of warm and wonderful people. I did not know much German other than a few key phrases that I picked up, but I found no shortage of strangers who were willing to help me find my hotel or point me in the right direction at a train station.


I really had no idea what to expect at the Hornetsecurity offices. I had met the CEO, Oliver Dehning, here in Pittsburgh, but I didn’t know what the full picture of the office was going to be like. As the first US employee traveling overseas for training I was just expecting a sterile office building. Thankfully, I was very mistaken about that. When I arrived in Hanover I was quickly impressed. The offices were warm and vibrant and bursting with talent. I was greeted by smiling faces who were happy to see me and would eventually become my friends. It seemed that every individual in a role at Hornetsecurity had been handpicked and had something special to offer the team. They all fit into a very fun culture of tech, and genuinely loved their jobs. Their enthusiasm was infectious.


After my training in Hanover, I was sent to meet the sales team in Berlin and I was curious if this other office could live up to the hype that Hanover had created in my mind, and once again I could not have asked to be introduced to a better group of people. The team was talented and knew how to have fun while still being productive. They spend a lot of time smiling and laughing and made me feel at home. The office itself was in the center of Berlin and gave me a chance to get a feel for the culture and take in the sights. In addition to learning from a team with top talent, I was fortunate to be introduced to what is now one of my new favorite cities.


Hornetsecurity is a German provider of cloud security services. Have you worked before in this industry or is everything completely new to you?


I have worked with Inside Sales teams for several Fortune 500 companies and had experience with Enterprise sales. One of these companies was a telecommunications industry leader that gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal about technology. However, this is my initiation into the world of cloud based security services and Hornetsecurity is working with the most advanced technologies that I have had the opportunity to encounter in my professional life.


What is your experience with the Hornetsecurity solutions so far?


I’ve been extremely impressed by how well Hornetsecurity solutions have been designed. There has been careful attention to detail to make sure that the products are intuitive and offer a fantastic user experience. The extra effort taken to ensure that the products are constantly being updated by our system engineers to make certain that network administrators have peace of mind is a remarkable thing to offer our clients.


The American IT market is huge. Do you think Hornetsecurity can take advantage of this and why?


Absolutely. The IT market is enormous and that makes sense when you think about the evolution of technology throughout time. In a globalized world, technology is involved in the background of all aspects of our lives. We depend on technology to source our morning news, to learn about the weather, and even to figure out what’s for dinner.


It makes sense that more and more IT infrastructure is needed as the amounts of data being stored and transferred continue to grow exponentially. However, as these technologies continue to be used there will be opportunists who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in current IT systems and with outdated technology infrastructure that is still being used. Let’s think of the example like an appliance based email gateway. A lot of these hardware based components are quickly becoming relics. They are consuming a lot of energy and are costly to maintain. As a result, these systems are not typically updated as much as would be ideally necessary.


Technology is changing more rapidly than ever and the reality is that cloud based computing is here to stay. We need stay ahead of the curve and be flexible enough to change with the industry to meet the changing needs of the world. Hornetsecurity makes a point of being highly flexible and adapting to changing malware that is constantly being produced and because there is no physical hardware in front of a client’s email server we can effectively keep malware out of company’s networks where it belongs.