365 Threat Monitor detects breaches like ransomware, issues real-time alerts, and permits instant threat deletion

Pittsburgh, PN, USA, 22 July 2021365 Threat Monitor is a new mobile app for systems administrators to detect and delete any threats that breach their Microsoft 365 environment. It monitors a company’s Microsoft 365 mailboxes and identifies malicious emails the instant they reach an inbox. It immediately sends a phone alert in real time so the administrator can instantly delete it with just one click, and prevent any damage – even remotely.

The first 10,000 M365 IT administrators who sign up for the app will benefit from use of the app for free forever.

Prevents M365 users from unleashing a security catastrophe

Developed by Hornetsecurity, 365 Threat Monitor detects all kinds of suspicious and malicious emails that have made it to users’ inboxes, such as ransomware, viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, spoofed sender identities and content, spam, and targeted attacks on specific data – like credit card data, invoices, etc. – and users like Accounting, CFO, CEO, HR, etc. This is important, as one click on an email threat by a distracted or naive user could wreak havoc on an organization.

Encouraging systems administrators to boost their M365 security – for free

Hornetsecurity developed this app to address an issue faced by many organizations using Microsoft 365, that mistakenly believe Microsoft provides adequate protection against email threats such as ransomware, phishing and spam. This is not the case, however: email threats often slip through and enter users’ inboxes, able to cause extensive damage. Using this new app, system administrators can now see how often this happens and instantly delete threats that breach their system with just one click on their phone.

“We are passionate about email security and it is our mission to enhance awareness about email threats and how to combat them. That’s why we released this app today. We are also making it free forever for the first 10,000 Microsoft 365 admins who sign up for it,” said Daniel Hofmann, Hornetsecurity CEO.

Powerful proprietary technologies to detect and delete email threats

“Surveys show that 52% of Microsoft 365 users believe it is safe enough. This is not the case, so we want to show admins the extent of the problem, while providing them with a solution. 365 Threat Monitor shows administrators which threats bypassed Microsoft protection and what damage could occur without an adequate security layer,” Mr. Hofmann explained.

To provide admins with utmost reliability, 365 Threat Monitor combines Hornetsecurity’s powerful, proprietary technologies to plug security gaps. These include Email Live Tracking, Threat Defense and Forensic Analyses, which detect attacks through real-time scanning for harmful content, heuristic filtering, and authenticity and integrity verification.

Speedy install and instant security status insights

Its security dashboard gives admins an at-a-glance overview of their current M365 security status and provides reports such as top email threats faced by their organization and the most targeted inboxes.

Additionally, it only takes a few seconds for admins to boost their M365 security across all their users: They simply need to download the app, enter their M365 admin email address, and connect with Microsoft.

How to get the app

Microsoft 365 administrators can download 365 Threat Monitor app from Android and iOS app stores. The first 10,000 M365 admins who register for it will benefit from a forever-free version.

About Hornetsecurity

Hornetsecurity is email cloud security and backup provider, which protects the IT infrastructure, digital communication and data of companies and organizations of all sizes. The security specialist provides its services worldwide via 11 redundant, secured data centers. Its product portfolio covers all important areas of email security, including spam and virus filters, legally compliant archiving and encryption, defense against CEO fraud and protection against ransomware; as well as backup and recovery.

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