• Latest Hornetsecurity advancement in cybersecurity provides businesses with automated awareness training
  • Best-in-class awareness training comes after a marked increase in cybersecurity risks and attacks in 2022


Pittsburgh, PA (October 24, 2022) – Today, Hornetsecurity launches a next-generation Security Awareness Training, to better equip employees to counter cyber-attacks, building on its international reputation as a cybersecurity leader.


Cyber criminals are constantly innovating and attacks are on the rise: Hornetsecurity’s 2022 Ransomware Report found that 60% of attacks came from phishing attempts. Many attackers exploit human vulnerability to phishing and fraud, so this new training service integrates the human factor into the cybersecurity cycle – bolstering this weaker link in the defence chain.


Systems and tools are only as secure as their users

Even with the best cybersecurity offering in place, there is always room for human error, which is why many cybersecurity insurance providers demand awareness training for employees. The new training from Hornetsecurity highlights the individual’s importance in establishing an organisation’s human firewall – and how essential each and every employee is in corporate cybersecurity, from prevention to protection, to response and recovery. In doing so, it helps companies establish a sustainable security culture.


An easy service that helps build a security mindset

Hornetsecurity’s automated training is innovative in that it is simple, rather than maintenance-intensive, for customers. The Awareness Engine is the technological heart of the Security Awareness product, offering bespoke, needs-based training: each user receives as much training as is necessary. Its Patented Spear Phishing Engine simulates sophisticated attacks to build knowledge of attacks.

To measure progress, it uses the Employee Security Index (ESI®) as an industry-wide unique benchmark, constantly measuring and comparing the organization’s and employee security behaviour.

It is available via subscription licensing, as a standalone service or as an addition to Hornetsecurity’s email security services, such as 365 Total Protection.


Training possible thanks to acquisition of IT-Seal

Hornetsecurity has always seen education as a key part of cybersecurity, providing ebooks, webinars and reports. The acquisition of IT-Seal in May 2022 further expanded Hornetsecurity’s education capabilities. Alongside its established email security and backup and recovery solutions, all aspects of the awareness-prevention-detection cycle are now covered.

Commenting on the Security Awareness Training launch, Daniel Hofmann, Hornetsecurity CEO says: “With cyber-attacks on the rise, it’s increasingly important for organisations to implement a cybersecurity ecosystem that includes education and robust email security functionality for prevention as well as back up for recovery. Our new offering specifically supports and guards against very human vulnerabilities to phishing and other cyber risks.              

“The Security Awareness Training product adds great value to our portfolio, bringing us closer to our goal of being one-stop vendor for next-gen security, backup and compliance for our partners and customers, with a special focus on Microsoft 365. It has already been implemented by global customers, including BMW Group and FC Bayern Munich.

“This is part of a very exciting 2022 and 2023 growth pipeline and we’re looking forward to continuing this momentum.”


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About Hornetsecurity

Hornetsecurity is the leading security and backup solution provider for Microsoft 365. Its flagship product is the most extensive cloud security solution for Microsoft 365 on the market, providing robust, comprehensive, award-winning protection: Spam and virus filtering, protection against phishing and ransomware, legally compliant archiving and encryption, advanced threat protection, email continuity, signatures and disclaimers. It’s an all-in-one security package that even includes backup and recovery for all data in Microsoft 365 and users’ endpoints.

Hornetsecurity Inc. is based in Pittsburgh, PA with other North America offices in Washington D.C. and Montreal, Canada. Globally, Hornetsecurity operates in more than 30 countries through its international distribution network. Its premium services are used by 50,000+ customers including Swisscom, Telefónica, KONICA MINOLTA, LVM Versicherung, and CLAAS.


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