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In today’s episode we have Eric Siron, Microsoft MVP, joining Andy for a discussion on the debated topic of On-Prem Security versus Cloud Security from a security standpoint. The digital landscape has transformed, raising questions about securing multiple cloud services, APIs, and the scattered user base. We explore how defenses have evolved and although default protections have strengthened, attack vectors have grown smarter with the growth of ransomware. Join us as we dissect these changes and their impact on modern security paradigms in an era where protection and adaptation are paramount. 

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded just before news of the Microsoft breach hit the headlines. Thus, while some of the perspectives may seem momentarily misaligned due to the unfolding events, the core insights and conclusions drawn remain the same.  


3:50 – What is the current state of on-premises infrastructure in terms of security?  

12:37 – How does compliance factor into on-premises security? 

21:12 – Is Infrastructure in the cloud more secure? 

33:12 – Is “The Cloud” or “On-Premises” more secure? 

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