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The use of Large Language Models (LLMs), like ChatGPT has skyrocketed, infiltrating multiple facets of modern life. In today’s podcast episode, Andy and Paul Schnackenburg explore Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot and some surprising risks it can surface. Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot is more than just a virtual assistant: it’s a powerhouse of productivity! It is a versatile generative AI tool that is embedded within various Microsoft 365 applications, and as such, it can execute various tasks across different software platforms in seconds. 

Amidst discussions about Co-Pilot’s unique features and functionalities, many wonder: How does M365 Co-Pilot differ from other LLMs, and what implications does this hold for data security and privacy? Tune in to learn more!


(4:16) – How is Co-Pilot different from other Large Language Models? 

(11:40) – How are misconfigured permissions a special danger with Co-Pilot? 

(16:53) – How do M365 tenant permission get so “misconfigured”? 

(21:53) – How can your organization use Co-Pilot safely? 

(26:11) – How can you easily right-size your M365 permissions before enabling Co-Pilot? 

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