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We’re back for another episode with Umut Alemdar – Head of Security Lab here at Hornetsecurity. Today, we’re discussing Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and its crucial role in detecting, preventing, and responding to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. 

Throughout the episode, Andy and Umut discuss common ATP techniques such as sandboxing, time of click protection, and spam filters, all of which are critical in fortifying defenses against malicious actors. Furthermore, they emphasize the vital function of the natural language understanding module in ATP in detecting sophisticated social engineering attacks.  

While this episode focuses on ATP in general, Andy and Umut draw concrete examples from our own ATP scanning methods here at Hornetsecurity.  


2:05 – What is Advanced Threat Protection 

5:50 – What are common scanning techniques used by ATP technologies 

10:35 – How does Sandboxing work in ATP scanning techniques? 

13:07 – What is the role of AI within ATP scanning? 

18:09 – Concrete example of where ATP saves the day 

20:11 – Scanning for malicious QR codes 

Episode Resources: 

Advanced Threat Protection

We used ChatGPT to Create Ransomware QR Code Index

Andy on LinkedIn, Twitter or Mastodon 

Umut on LinkedIn