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In our very first episode we welcome Yvonne Bernard to the show for an in depth discussion into the security implications of ChatGPT. There is no doubting that ChatGPT and other recent AI models have brought some very positive change to a number of industries. However, did you know that there is potentially a darker side to AI? Can it be used for malicious purposes? The short answer is yes! In fact, we were able to use ChatGPT here at Hornetsecurity to essentially create ransomware!

In today’s episode we discuss the particulars of that process, the implications as well as other methods threat-actors can use to get ChatGPT to help them with illicit activities!


5:51 – What are the cybersecurity benefits of ChatGPT?

10:05 – How is ChatGPT used for malicious use by threat-actors?

17:15 – Does OpenAI have controls in place to prevent malicious use?

20:48 – What are the legal implications that ChatGPT brings to the industry?

23:40 – What does the industry do about the potential security implications of ChatGPT?

Episode Resources:

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Andy on LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastadon

Yvonne on LinkedIn

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