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Secure your mail traffic:
The Email Continuity Service reliably protects your email system from downtimes.


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High Availability of Mail Traffic

Power outages, hard disk crashes, or other damage – there are many causes for email traffic breakdowns. It is important to have alternative solutions ready to kick-in in case of emergencies, so as to ensure that no emails are lost and that employees can continue sending and receiving messages.

Easy Management

The continuous availability of email traffic through additional services, such as the Continuity Service by Hornetsecurity, is set up in a matter of seconds. Basically, separate management is not necessary since the service kicks in automatically should the email infrastructure break down.

Easy Use

It’s great when employees can continue working without interruption in case the mail server infrastructure is down. Easy application of the alternatives is crucial. The Continuity Service by Hornetsecurity provides users with suitable options.

Compliance, Transparency, and Control

Always retaining an overview is important – this is especially true for email traffic. A high level of transparency of the incoming and outgoing message flow helps here tremendously. However, data privacy must always be complied with.

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