Extortion, theft, drug trafficking – in the age of digitalization, all these crimes are also committed online. Email communication has a central role therein: it is considered the most popular means of communication in companies and at the same time the main vector of attack for malware. Through social engineering, cybercriminals manipulate their victims to persuade them to click on links and open attachments containing ransomware and trojans, for example.

However, companies are not only facing the challenge of protecting email inboxes from misuse as a gateway for cyberattacks. Information and data communicated via email are also increasingly becoming a valuable digital resource to cybercriminals. Managed Security Services offer comprehensive protection against increasing cybercrime without the installation of additional hardware or software. Every day, several new cyber threats emerge that work their way into the system, so it is important to act quickly.

Hornetsecurity’s Email Security Services protect your email communications from the most sophisticated cyber attacks, annoying spam and malware. In order to offer customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the services in advance and to make the implementation of the products as easy as possible, Hornetsecurity extends its onboarding service with a training program made up of YouTube videos. The activation of these services can thus be implemented as quickly and easily as possible directly by the user.

The trainings are organized in different playlists: The Spamfilter Basic Playlist provides information about the setup of Hornetsecurity’s Spam Filtering & Malware Protection and its different features. The Spamfilter Advanced I Playlist contains further information on the use of 365 Total Protection, Email archiving and Signature & Disclaimer. The Spamfilter Advanced II Playlist provides useful information on Email encryption and Advanced Threat Protection.

The videos can be accessed at any time using the links below. The videos provide customers all the information they need for onboarding.