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Test your Security Awareness and see firsthand how our patented Spear Phishing Simulation can help your employees develop the skills necessary to protect your business.

Our Phishing Simulation offers:

  • Realistic simulations of actual phishing attacks
  • Variety of phishing email types & sophistication
  • Teachable moment experience & walkthrough

Would you fall for a phishing email? Let’s test!

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9 out of 10 successful cyber-attacks start with a phishing email sent to an employee

To be armed against these attacks, building a sustainable security culture is a must for every company. You reach this with a powerful Security Awareness Service with fully automated Awareness Benchmarking, Spear-Phishing-Simulation and E-Training to sensitize and protect employees against cyber threats. Learn more about our Security Awareness Service.

Find out what our Security Awareness Service is capable of with a free PHISHING SIMULATION!

Phishing email
Phishing test simulation

Learn through experience with our phishing test simulation

The phishing simulation starts with your registration, in the course of which we will send you 3-5 harmless phishing emails.

Let’s see if you recognize them.

Don’t worry, if you click on a link in our phishing emails, you will be redirected to an explanation page that will show you exactly what features you could have used to debunk the phishing email.

How does the test of our phishing simulation work?

Sign up with your business email address.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your registration.

After you confirm your registration, you will receive 3-5 phishing emails within 7 days.

You will also receive Awareness Briefing emails with invaluable tips on how to easily implement effective security awareness training in your company.

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