• Under Customer Settings > Mailboxes, it is now possible to rename existing mailboxes.
  • Under Reporting & Compliance > Auditing 2.0, an auditing entry for magic links has been added.
  • An error message is now shown in the Email Live Tracking when a customer intents to delete an email from a non-existing mailbox in Microsoft 365.


  • Under Security Awareness Service > Configuration, the bin icon has been exchanged for a cross icon when removing a user from the excluded users table.
  • In the Email Live Tracking module, an error has been fixed that prevented administrators and users with the “service_desk” role to deliver emails of the type “AdvThreat”.
  • The 404 error message for unavailable e-trainings in the User Panel has been improved.
  • Under Security Awareness Service > Statistics, the tables under the “Groups” tab have been renewed.
  • In the Phishing Simulation module of the User Panel, an error that caused some simulated phishing emails to not be shown has been fixed.
  • Under Security Awareness Service > Configuration, an error causing incorrect timestamps to be shown in the table has been fixed.
  • An error that impeded administrators to switch environments for LDAP mailboxes under Customer Settings > Mailboxes has been fixed.
  • Under Security Settings > Compliance Filter, an error message is shown when an incorrect IP address is entered.
  • Under Customer Settings > Mailboxes, the styling of the “Timezone & Language” fields has been improved.
  • Under Customer Settings > Mailboxes, forwarding mailboxes are now restricted to 100 recipients. An error message will be shown, if more than 100 mailboxes are entered as recipients.
  • Some minor orthography mistakes were fixed.
  • An error has been resolved where the language failed to automatically change when a user set the Security Awareness Service to the company’s default.
  • An error that caused manually scheduled e-trainings of the Security Awareness Service to be assigned earlier than configured has been fixed.
  • An error that inhibited the VM Backup module to be shown for some users has been fixed.