• The .csv file import function in the “Mailboxes” module has been improved. In addition to email addresses and environments, it is now possible to import basic mailbox data. Furthermore, the import is no longer limited to 200 mailboxes. Instead, it is possible to import .csv files with a maximum size of 100 MB.


  • In the “Security Awareness Service” module, it is no longer possible to exclude forward mailboxes. The Security Awareness Service is not applied to forward mailboxes anyway.
  • An error during the synchronization of the position and language attribute for the Security Awareness Service for users for whom no information was previously available has been fixed.
  • In the “Security Awareness Service” module, confirmation windows are now displayed when the administrator is about to exclude automatically excluded users from or re-include them in the service.
  • The background color of the search bars in the “Statistics” section of the “Security Awareness Service” module has been changed so that the search bars stand out better against the background.
  • A link to the manual in the “365 Permission Manager” module has been changed.
  • It is no longer possible to request a password reset for forward mailboxes.
  • The layout of tables in the “Auditing 2.0” module has been redesigned.
  • The layout of API token tables in the user settings has been redesigned.
  • Now, the placeholder texts and buttons in the email preview are displayed in the language set by the user in Control Panel.