• The multi-tenant structure has been extended to represent more complex corporate structures.


  • If several senders are to be added to the deny list in the “Email Live Tracking” module and one of the senders is already on the deny list, all senders that are not yet on the list will now be added.
  • The Service Desk role can now perform ATP scans and access their results.
  • The design of buttons in quarantine reports has been modified.
  • In the “Mailboxes” module under “Customer Settings” it is now possible again to deactivate a delegate access.
  • In the “Email Authentication” module, the display of the advanced options for sender authentication has been improved for the bright Control Panel theme.
  • In the “LDAP Connection” tab of the “Service Dashboard” module, it is now possible to deactivate the LDAP connection after a failed migration to 365 Total Protection.
  • An error in the synchronization of Microsoft 365 mailboxes has been fixed.