antispameurope, Germany’s leading cloud security provider, continues to record double-digit growth, thereby meeting the ambitious expectations. According to preliminary figures for the 2013 fiscal, the revenues generated by the Hanover-based provider increased in 2013 by 24 percent and the quantity of ongoing service contracts by 28 percent. After a cautious start to the year, the second and fourth quarters, in particular, achieved surprising results.   17 percent of new contracts came from abroad, of which more than half came from the UK – still antispameurope’s second largest market. The company is very pleased about the development of the encrypted cloud storage solution Hornetdrive: In the first year alone it accounted for four percent of new orders, with the trend clearly rising.  

The company finds the loyalty of its customers particularly encouraging: more than 99 percent of companies renewed their service contracts with antispameurope. The Hanover-based company considers the reason for this to be the quality of the service. “The high level of quality of our services will continue to remain our company’s main objective in the future”, says Daniel Hofmann, Managing Director of Technology at antispameurope.

One of the driving forces for success is the increasing acceptance of IT cloud security in general. Even before the NSA bugging operations came to light, cloud computing had already been attracting a high level of attention from both the IT world and the press. Widespread public discussion has led to a much better general understanding of cloud solutions. As a result, German providers, such as antispameurope, profit from the fact that many customers increasingly consider outsourcing to American providers to be problematic. On the other hand, there does not appear to be any heightened degree of scepticism about cloud solutions in general. On the contrary, this better understanding leads to a more rational appraisal of the opportunities and risks.

Oliver Dehning, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, expects to see the same high level of growth in 2014 as well: “The market for cloud solutions is continuing to grow rapidly. Our solutions are leading in the market, and we also benefit from the high level of interest in IT security “Made in Germany”. The only issue is perhaps that we find it increasingly difficult to find qualified staff.”