Keep individual data automatically up-to-date with Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer from Hornetsecurity

  Hannover, Germany, August 2, 2017 – Signature, boilerplate, disclaimer – the end of a text in emails has different names. But no matter what you call these text-snippets: they consist of static components like general company data and dynamic components, such as the contact details of the sender. Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer from Hornetsecurity now offers a simple and centralized administration of both static and dynamic content across the whole company. For this, the solution directly accesses data from a company’s Active Directory in order to use the most up-to-date personal data at all times. This greatly facilitates the work of IT administrators while also ensuring a consistent appearance in the email signature for enterprises.  
Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer

The web interface allows fast, uncomplicated creation of signatures and disclaimers (click to enlarge).

Corporations generally have to provide mandatory information within their business letters – this also applies to emails. In order to ensure this, it is recommended to automatically attach them to every sent message. With Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer, IT administrators of a company can easily create text modules via a web-based interface and adapt them quickly at any time. The product directly accesses the data of the Active Directory so it can automatically integrate individual contact information into the text data. This is done by inserting AD attributes into the signature templates and through a synchronization via LDAP. Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer subsequently attaches the text automatically to any email that you send.   This eliminates the need for administrators to manually maintain individual signatures. Changes to extension numbers, job positions, or email addresses in the Active Directory immediately are automatically implemented in the email boilerplate. Apart from individual signatures, it is also possible to create group-based signatures in order to insert, for example, general department information.   At the same time, the solution offers companies an elegant opportunity to achieve a uniform corporate design in the ​​signature and disclaimer area. Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer is also used for marketing and sales purposes: announcements for new products or updates, an upcoming road show or a notice about the company newsletter can be easily attached to emails. HTML-based formats, images or banners can also be used.   “Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer is another valuable addition to our email security services,” said Oliver Dehning, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “IT administrators will need significantly less effort to maintain obligatory and mandatory email attachments, which allows them to focus more on their core tasks.”