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In this episode of The Security Swarm Podcast, Andy and Paul discuss the Cyber Safety Review Board’s findings of the Microsoft Storm-0558 breach. During the episode, they talk about the implications of the breach and explore Microsoft’s security culture, stressing the need to prioritize robust security measures over rapid feature developments. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Microsoft’s security culture requires a significant overhaul to address existing vulnerabilities and prevent future breaches. 
  • Transparency and accurate risk assessments are crucial in understanding and mitigating security threats in cloud environments. 
  • Prioritizing security over rapid feature development is essential to prevent security risks and enhance overall product integrity. 
  • Standardized audit logging practices should be a fundamental offering in cloud services to enable effective intrusion detection and investigation. 


(10:07) – Microsoft’s Security Culture: Past, Present, and Future 

(15:45) – Uncovering Lack of Transparency and Accountability in Major Cloud Vendors

(20:09) – Microsoft’s Security Standards: A Critical Assessment and Call for Action

(28:53) – A Discussion on Cloud Audit Logging 

Episode Resources: 

Cyber Safety Review Board Report

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