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We will gladly keep you up to date! We have therefore provided extensive press releases for representatives of the media. The press releases are listed chronologically. In addition to the press releases listed below, you will also find our press archive here. You will also find current press releases in our RSS feeds.

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Cybercrime – a global risk?

Cybercrime – a global risk?

Cyberattacks are among the top five global threats. That was the finding of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report. But how exactly can cyber attacks affect the physical world? Can hackers really do visible and tangible damage to our world?
It Can Wait Till Next Year…

It Can Wait Till Next Year…

How many times have you said that or heard that in the office environment? Probably more often than you care to admit. When that statement is made it usually applies to the costs associated with initiatives that sit on the budget bubble. These items or initiatives...

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Daniel Hofmann, CEO

Daniel Hofmann

CEO, responsible for development, product management, security lab, IT operations and marketing at Hornetsecurity.

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Oliver Dehning

CFO, responsible at Hornetsecurity for US business, finance and controlling as well as human resources.

Daniel Blank, COO

Daniel Blank

COO, responsible at Hornetsecurity for Sales, Service Desk and Customer Success.

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