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Security gaps in the home office? The challenge of IT security in times of crisis

The number of coronavirus infections are increasing each day, which has resulted in drastic countermeasures. Shops, restaurants and other public places are staying closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Companies are asking their employees to work from their homes. During this extraordinary and sometimes overwhelming situation, companies and employees should not have to face additional fears about IT security in the home office. Hornetsecurity has some recommendations for this.
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Mysterious spam campaign: A security analysis

A recent case has not only puzzled researchers at Hornetsecurity Security Lab, but also other security analysts: In a current email spam campaign in which malicious Excel documents are delivered in zipped archives, only the Windows calculator application ultimately starts when the analysis is performed on the security experts’ computers. Our Security Lab uncovers what exactly lies behind the scam and what possible target the attackers are trying to exploit.
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A journey through the history of cryptography – Part 1

The implementation of encryption strategies in companies is becoming increasingly popular. The strongest driver of this process is the ratification of the GDPR in May 2018, but encryption is not a modern-day invention: historically, the beginnings are very ancient. We look back into the past and explore the methods our ancestors used to exchange secret information and how the procedures have changed until today.
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Office 365- is ‘Account Hijacking’ the number 1 security risk?

Microsoft is considered as the major driver of the cloud movement and has brought the world’s most used office suite into the cloud with Office 365. But users of the cloud service are more and more in the centre of cybercriminal activities. Most recently, Microsoft reported a 250 percent increase in targeted attacks on Office 365 accounts. The technology company integrated various security mechanisms to defend against malware and other threats. But are these really sufficient for comprehensive security?
Security Information

Expansion continues: Hornetsecurity acquires long-standing British distribution partner EveryCloud

A successful start into the new year: Hornetsecurity completes the acquisition of the British distribution partner and email security provider EveryCloud. Since 2009, EveryCloud has sold the services of the German market leader for cloud security solutions exclusively under its own branding in the UK and later also in the USA.

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