The last pillar of M365 is Windows 11 Enterprise, five devices for each licensed user, which will automatically upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise as soon as a user logs in. Here, we will cover what additional security features this brings to your enterprise.

Windows 11 Enterprise

Enterprise adds Defender Application Guard and Defender Application Control on top of the security features you get in Windows 11 Pro. Application Guard protects your users when browsing potentially malicious sites using Edge in an isolated hardware manner. 

This technology has also been extended to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. On the other hand, Application Control builds on earlier iterations of AppLocker and blocks untrusted applications, including plug-ins and add-ins, from running.  

Always On VPN doesn’t require Windows 11 Enterprise and is a successor to Direct Access if you still need to use client VPN in your business. 

Whilst it’s not exclusive to Windows 11 Enterprise, look at Windows Hello for Business to improve your user’s login experience as well as your security (a rare case of everyone winning in security) by moving away from passwords.

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If you’re deploying large numbers of Windows 11 devices and you want to reduce the burden of wiping each new device and installing your custom image, consider using Windows Autopilot; it’s a powerful way to “deploy” Windows 11 by simply transforming the pre-installed image as your OEM delivers it.


What is Windows 11 Enterprise?

Windows 11 Enterprise is an edition of Microsoft’s operating system designed for business environments. It includes features tailored for large organizations, such as advanced security options, remote management capabilities, and deployment tools.

Is Windows 11 Enterprise better than Pro?

Windows 11 Enterprise offers more features than the Pro edition, primarily focusing on enhanced security, device management, and deployment capabilities. The choice between them depends on the organization’s specific needs.

Is Windows 11 a free upgrade for enterprises?

Windows 11 was initially offered as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 users. However, the availability of free upgrades, especially for enterprise editions, may vary based on Microsoft’s policies and licensing agreements. It’s recommended to check Microsoft’s official documentation for the latest information.