Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

In the latest Security Swarm Podcast: “A Breakdown of CSRB’s Findings on Microsoft Storm-0558 Breach (PART 2),” is a continuation from last week’s episode where we discussed the CSRB’s findings on Microsoft’s Storm-0558 Breach. This week, we continue picking apart the findings and providing insights.

We’re looking for your favorite tips and tools we can share with the community… those that help you do your job better and more easily. Please share your suggestions on the IT Pro Tuesday subreddit, and we’ll be featuring them in the coming weeks.

Now on to this week’s list

A Free Tool

Centro 365 is a browser extension that makes it easier to find the info you need on Microsoft Azure and 365. Dintid explains, “My work consists 95% working in the 365 suite—in all of the sections. And being a small IT staff in a non-profit, it’s hard to keep up with the weekly changes MS are doing to naming and placement of stuff. Leads to my useful tool on a daily basis, an extension for my browser, which basically is just a drop down with the different sections and subsections. Clicking it and you go to the right url for it.”
External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

Another Free Tool

Mermaid is an online flowchart and diagrams editor that was designed to keep tech documentation current. TheRaido explains, “For documentation with diagrams, I tend to use Mermaid, which can be used in Markdown in VS Code and is also supported by Obsidian.md.”
External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

A Tip

A favorite Windows command for jonathanjohnson0724: 
  • for /l %i in (1,1,254) 
  • do ping -n 1 – w 10 192.168.0.%i
  • Followed by arp -a
will list the IP and MAC addresses of almost everything in the local subnet (192.168.0.[1-254]), including most things that don’t respond to ping. Not as fancy as Angry IP Scanner, but it’s on every Windows system; so quick and easy to use.

Yet Another Free Tool

WizTree helps you quickly find the files and folders using the most disk space on your hard drive. Rather than searching the drive and checking each file to determine size, WizTree gets its information straight from the NTFS Master File Table—which means it happens almost instantaneously. evilkasper finds it does the same thing as WinDirStat, but much faster.

One More Free Tool

Page Countster is a small, portable application for reporting on network printers. Provides a super fast, easy way to access info and interact with all the connected printers. tkecherson says, “For printers, I prefer an old freeware utility, Page Countster. Automatically picks up just the printers and a host of other info about them in an incredibly lightweight utility.”
External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

Stunnel is a secure, portable, scalable proxy that adds TLS encryption functionality to existing clients and servers without any code changes. pdp10 likes it “for converting an unencrypted TCP connection to TLS, or vice versa. A lot of legacy applications can be elegantly protected this way, particularly non-HTTP applications.”

Etcher is an open-source SD card burner app with a simple GUI that makes drive selection obvious to avoid accidentally wiping your hard-drive. Extensible and works on any platform. Suggested by greyfang, who explains, “I found this utility a few months ago when Rufus was giving me trouble… crazy fast and works on Windows, Mac, & Linux”