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Exciting News! Hornetsecurity’s Annual Cyber Security Report 2024 is here!

In 2023, Hornetsecurity’s Security Lab processed over 45 billion emails, providing a unique opportunity to discern emerging threats and critical vulnerabilities. Our report offers an in-depth exploration of the current state of Microsoft 365 security, highlighting the most critical and emerging cyber security threats.

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And in the latest episode of the Security Swarm Podcast: “Security Then vs Now: What’s Changed?” we explore the intriguing evolution of cybersecurity from the days of floppy disks and DOS to the complex, interconnected world of today. Tune in to learn about the significant shifts in security incidents, drawing correlations and highlighting differences.

As always, we’re updating the full list on our website here. Enjoy.

A Tip

A nice way to keep unwanted installs from worming their way into your systems, compliments of fshannon3:  I recently added a line to our setup script to disable those “silent” installs from the MS store via reg key…I did this well before HP Smart started this nonsense. It was done because we’d remove some of the other junk apps, and after a reboot or two, they’d get automatically reinstalled. I changed the registry key on my PC and I do not have that HP Smart app on it. EDIT TO INCLUDE REGISTRY KEY: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ContentDeliveryManager Set the SilentInstalledAppsEnabled DWORD value to 0 (zero)

A Free Tool

Alerta is a scalable alert management tool that can serve as a big upgrade from using email as an alert console. Accepts alerts from standard sources like Syslog, SNMP, Prometheus, Nagios, Zabbix, Sensu, and netdata. Enrage likes it as a means to “Centralize all your alerts from LibreNMS, Graylog, Grafana, etc.”

Another Free Tool

FRRouting is an open-source Internet routing protocol suite tailored for Linux and Unix. Supporting a comprehensive range of protocols, including BGP, OSPF, RIP, IS-IS, PIM, LDP, BFD, Babel, PBR, OpenFabric, and VRRP, and with experimental backing for EIGRP and NHRP, FRR integrates with native Linux/Unix IP networking stacks. opseceu appreciates it “for BGP, nagios for monitoring, netbox for documentation, etc.”
External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

Yet Another Free Tool

Homarr is a server management tool designed for efficiency and ease of use, offering a convenient and centralized hub for streamlined access and control. Offers straightforward installation and versatile deployment options, providing a sleek dashboard to consolidate all your apps and services.
External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

Training Resource

ByteByteGo is a YouTube channel that offers fascinating video content on topics and trends in large-scale system design, provided by the authors of the popular System Design Interview books. arpan3t recommends it for the “system design videos.”
External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

NOC Project is a robust network management system designed for scalability and high performance. Originally conceived for automating equipment management, NOC has evolved to encompass modules for comprehensive network information collection, monitoring, and metric analysis. Kindly suggested by mahanutra.

Peering Manager is a flexible Python-based, open-source BGP session management tool. It streamlines the tracking, maintenance, and configuration of BGP sessions from a centralized management point, eliminating the time-consuming manual provisioning process. Independent-Delay230 explains, “This is a great tool and makes managing IX and other peers much easier.”