The latest Cyberthreat Report from Hornetsecurity keeps you up to date about all the current cyberthreats.

Are you protected from cyber attacks?

Cyberthreat Report

Cybercrime is on the rise worldwide. Dangers such as advanced persistent threats, malware and digital spying are confronting the global economy with unexpected challenges – but how drastic is the current situation? Which threats can be expected worldwide and how can companies ensure optimum IT-security?

The Cyberthreat Report 2019 provides figures, statistics and exclusive evaluations by Hornetsecurity’s IT security experts to show which trends are currently shaping the digital threat industry. From Cryptomining, to Advanced Persistent Threats and Emotet – the latest dangers are explored, and a well-founded risk assessment is provided.

This information can and should help IT managers to better adapt to current and upcoming threats. Request the Cyberthreat Report 2019 now free of charge and benefit from informative figures and statistics as well as exclusive expert knowledge from the Hornetsecurity Security Lab.